December 12th 12:19pm

Dear Bossip: I Keep Catching My Husband Inappropriately Texting Other Women

Hello Bossip, My hubby and I have been married 10 years with 2 kids. He is in the military. I am having a serious problem and I will try to make this short even though there is a lot to my story.

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December 12th 10:49am

Chit Chatter: Kelly Rowland Says She Acts Too Much Like A Man To Get A Man

Ain’t nothing wrong with a little self-awareness.

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December 12th 10:21am

Sister 2 Sister Magazine Celebrates Fantasia And Her Gut Full Of Still-Married-Antwaun

Earlier this month Fantasia celebrated the upcoming birth of her son with Antwaun Cook with a “star-studded” baby shower.

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December 12th 10:13am

Getting His Life Together: Gucci Mane Side Steps Baby Mama Drama By Giving His Son’s Mother Exactly What She Wants

Looks like Gucci is trying to step out of jail as a better man later this week.

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December 12th 9:59am

Caption This

Here is Rihanna performing in Italy for her Loud Tour rockin a blonde wig.

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December 12th 9:45am

Hi Hater: Lowe’s Under Fire For Withdrawing Ads From Muslim-American Reality TV Show

It might be time to take all our hardware and home improvement shopping to Home Depot.

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December 12th 9:40am

Hulk Hogan: I’m Not Gay, Ex-Wife Is Lying About Me Choppin’ Down the Backs of Brutus The Barber “Beefcake”

Hulk Hogan is finally defending himself after his ex-wife Linda put that azz all the way on blast:

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December 12th 9:28am

Poor Disgraced Old Guy: Joe Paterno Hospitalized After Breaking Pelvis, Doctors Concerned About Cancer Treatment

We know it’s probably hard for you to find sympathy for this guy, but gotdayum!

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December 12th 9:12am

When Kickin’ Out The Illegal Aliens Goes Wrong: Alabama To Consider Giving Inmates Immigration Labor Since No One Else Wants Those FarmJobs

With unemployment being the way it is right now, people should be trying to get in where they fit in. Instead, they are turning up their noses at jobs, and Alabama and it’s strict immigration laws is feeling the heat:

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December 12th 8:59am

In White Folks News: Britney Spears Drops Down And Gets Her Eagle On For Jersey Shore’s Pauly D

Britney Spears tried to inspire a lil “fist pumping” action from “Jersey Shore’s” Pauly D this weekend.

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