March 21st 2:00pm

Earthquakes, Tsunamis And A Nuclear Threat: Photos Of Devastation In Japan

You’d have to be heartless not to feel something for the people of Japan after looking at these photos.

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March 21st 1:04pm

Certified Links

More Yeezy x Jay-Z x G.O.O.D. Music At SXSW – The Photos (GO) Oscar Winner, Olympic Medalists Targeted by Hacker (GO) Vida Guerra is Still a Fat A** Whore (GO) President Obama Avoids Race In Brazil (GO) Chika Unigwe Explores the World of African Prostitutes in Europe (GO) Lindsay Lohan’s Kleptomaniac Past To Form Prosecutor’s…

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March 21st 12:41pm

A ‘Lil Positivity,’ Which A-List Entertainer Heads For Harvard, Setting The Bar For Black Hollyweird?!

This Hollyweird media star is making it rain on them hoes… making a major investment in her big business by transforming from A-Lister to bookworm.

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March 21st 12:05pm

Coupled Up: Kim Kardashian And Her Baller Beau Boo’ed Up In NYC

Kimmy Cakes and her boyfriend Krissy-Poo were spotted being all lovey-dovey and stuff

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March 21st 11:52am

Waxing Dat Azz!: Celebrity Wax Figures That Look So Real Its Scary!! [PICS]

Wax figures have been a part of Show Business for as long as we can remember, and the statues at Madame Tuassaud’s Museum are by far the best in the world.

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March 21st 11:40am

The Streets Is Talking: Eight Most Common Types Of Celebrity Rumors

Whether it’s a “couple alert” or a pregnancy rumor

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March 21st 11:19am

J. Cole Performs At Cameo In South Beach Miami

Roc Nation rapper J. Cole was the latest celebrity spotted this weekend at Miami’s Cameo nightclub. The Fayetteville emcee took to the mic and performed his track “In The Morning” featuring Drake while guests including Trina’s ex Kenyon Martin looked on. As previously reported, Cole was also spotted at South By Southwest this weekend where…

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March 21st 11:18am

Behind The Launch of Nelson Mandela’s New Clothing Line

The number 46664 was once synonymous with the prison number that anti-apartheid activist and former South African president Nelson Mandela was given when he was incarcerated for 18 years on Robben Island off of Cape Town, South Africa. Nearly three decades later, that same number will now represent an apparel line that seeks to become…

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March 21st 10:58am

Are You Feelin This Get Up?

Remember back in the ’90′s when everything Lauryn Hill wore was “fly?”

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March 21st 10:22am

Which One Would You Hit????

Here’s John Legend and Fonzworth Bentley

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March 21st 10:10am

Shook Ones: Ne-Yo’s Back-Up Dancers Refuse To Hit The Stage In Japan

Unlike a lot of people scheduled to visit and/or work in Japan, Ne-Yo isn’t about to let a large-scale act of God or the threat of radiation stop him from doing his job.

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March 21st 10:09am

Epitome Of A Bad “Mother”: Jessica “Why Must I Cry?” Tata Turns Herself In After Fleeing To Nigeria To Aviod Charges!

ITCHBAY where was all those damn tears when yo’ a$$ was hightailin’ it out of town?!?! DALLAS — A woman accused of fleeing the country after a fire at her Houston day-care center killed four children has turned herself in to authorities in Nigeria, her brother said Saturday, though U.S. officials said they still don’t…

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