August 18th 2:00pm

3 Ways the Google-Motorola Deal Could Change The Game

Anyway you slice it the net impact will be significant.

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August 18th 12:37pm

The Terrorists Have Fallen Off: Al-Qaeda’s New Target Is…David Letterman?!

Don’t these terrorists have something better to do?

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August 18th 12:34pm

On The Party Scene: Maxwell On His Grizzly Steez And Selita “SnootyBooty” Ebanks Rockin’ All Cream Errythang

Selita Ebanks, Maxwell and Andre Harrell all hit up nightclub owner Noah Tepperberg’s Birthday Bash at TAO & LAVO NYC last night…

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August 18th 11:56am

Mythbusters: Stars That Proved You Can In Fact Go Back After Going Black

You ever hear the phrase, “once you go Black, you never go back”? It’s a pretty popular saying that indicates that once you taste the sweet mocha nectar of Black love, you won’t ever want to go anywhere else. Well, it’s not always true.

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August 18th 11:24am

Coming Up Short: The Top 10 Worst Celebrity Tippers

While a lot of waitresses and servers would be excited to serve a celebrity

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August 18th 11:03am

Random Ridiculousness: Car Jacker Drops Stolen Minivan Along With Annoying Kids And Yapping Dog Back Home

This is hilariousness: A car thief who inadvertently scooped up a minivan with two kids and a poodle inside dropped the kids – and the car – at their home

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August 18th 10:54am

From Playing Maids to Calling The Shots: Black Women’s Hollywood Evolution

Doesn’t always look like it but we have come a long way.

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August 18th 10:49am

In White Folks News: Julia Stiles Spotted Crying At The Airport

We have no idea what’s going on in Julia Stiles’ life right now, but here are some pics of her crying at LAX.

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August 18th 10:37am

Dear Bossip: My Girl Said Nothing Happend With This Dude, But Based On Her Past I’m Not So Sure

Dear Bossip, So, I have this gut feeling my girlfriend has cheated on me.

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