December 4th 12:39pm

December 4th: A Celebration Hovi Hov’s B-Day With The Best Party Songs He’s Given Us Over The Years

As Ms. Gloria told us on “The Black Album,” Shawn Carter was born on December 4th.

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December 4th 12:33pm

Perverts: Grown Woman Arrested For Having “Turkey Day Sex” With 15-Year-Old Relative On Thanksgiving

How hard is it for women to find men their own ages to chop down these days???

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December 4th 11:50am

In White Folks News: Charlie Sheen’s Ex-Wife Popped In Aspen For Assault And Yayo Possession

SMH. Just like her crazy a$$ ex-husband, Brooke Mueller, has been popped for beating folks and holding the yay:

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December 4th 11:40am

Miami Heat And Their “Basketball Boos” Unlock The Art Of Basketball At Art Basel

Here is D-Wade, Juwan Howard, ZydrunasIlgauskas, and Chris Bosh

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December 4th 10:21am

Sunday Surgery Slips: Woman’s Face Catches On Fire During Routine Outpatient Surgery

We know this lady is about to get a hefty payday for this one:

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December 4th 10:15am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Ex-Con Open Fire On Crowded Queens Bus After Murking His Girlfriend’s Teenage Son In Their Apartment

We’re pretty certain there were other ways this fool could have gone home to prison.

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December 4th 10:09am

SMH: Tameka Foster Wants Custody Judge To Drug Test Usher Before He Has A Chance To Cleanse All Them D-Rugs Out Of His System

Tameka is so serious about getting ex-hubby Ursher to drug tested pronto, before he can get some of that “Clear Flush” poppin.

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December 4th 9:52am

Now That Herman Cain Is Out Of The Running, Shady Newt “Hood Kids Don’t Know How To Work” Gingrich Leads In The Latest Iowa GOP Poll

Man, folks are feeling this Newt Gingrich character now that Herman “Black GOP” Cain is out of the presidential race:

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December 4th 9:34am

Nicki Minaj And Her Goldilocks Rapunzel Steez Do The Billboard Women In Music Awards

Nicki Minaj ditched the “Rainbow Brite” wigs for this super long

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December 4th 9:16am

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Ep. 5 Sneak Peek: Charles Grant & Nene Leakes Put Affair On Front Street?? [Video]

Watch Nene show the world her true colors…. isn’t she still married? Poor Geritol.

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December 4th 8:42am

Honey C*caine (Asian Female Rapper) Drops “N-Word” In Rap Songs: Are You Offended? [Video]

First it was V-Nasty, now it’s Honey C*caine (Tyga’s new artist).

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