October 15th 11:04am

For The Stans: Bey Bey’s Hump Full Of Camel And Mommy-To-Be Lady Lumps On Blast In NYC

Beyonce and the future Baby Knowles-Carter were spotted in NYC yesterday.

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October 15th 10:19am

Poor People Fed Up: The Occupy Movement Is Now Global

First it was Wall Street. Then it spread to major cities like L.A., Miami, Chicago and Atlanta. Then Middle America jumped in the mix. And now Occupy Wall Street has reportedly spread to 81 other countries worldwide.

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October 15th 9:43am

Pay Yo Bills: The IRS Still Wants That Gwap Up Outta Chris Tucker Pockets!

“Playin’ with my money, is like playin’ with my emotions…” -Big Worm

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October 15th 7:59am

¿¡Quien Lo Sabia?! Part One: Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Hispanic

October is Hispanic Heritage Month and whether you realize it or not, some of your favorite celebrities should, theoretically, be celebrating their cultural history this month.

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October 15th 12:14am

“White Is Right” Says Jackie Christie And Imani On Basketball Wives L.A.: Ignorant? [Video]

While doing some speed dating to help Imani find a man, Jackie Christie decided to introduce her to some escort buff white guy. That is not the problem… the problem is Jackie insisting that “White is Right” all the while cheesing. Pop the top and see for yourself.

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October 14th 7:31pm

Mom Doesn’t ALWAYS Know Best: 9 Things That Aren’t Always True

Have you heard of any of these “what the hell?!?”comments from your mom or other female family members??

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