August 9th 11:53am

Falsetto Bars: Famous Singers Turned Rappers

A slew of singers have tried their hands at the rap game, some successfully, others not so much.

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August 9th 11:25am

The Anatomy of The London Riots: Thuggery, Recession, Race

Confused about why London is burning? Check out this breakdown and gallery of how and why the violence erupted.

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August 9th 10:39am

ATLANTA Readers: BOSSIP Wants To Treat You To One Of The Most Talked About New Movies Out – “Attack The Block”

You ever wonder what would happen if an alien invasion hit the projects instead of coming down on downtown L.A., Washington D.C. or NYC?

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August 9th 10:35am

What The Hell??? Trigger Happy Cop Shoots And Paralyzes Unarmed Man… Then Sues The NYPD For Not Giving Him OT!!!

Meet Ahmed Evans — he’s paraplegic thanks to a careless cop who shot him in the back, even though he wasn’t armed.

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August 9th 10:30am

Love Lessons From Our Favorite Spike Lee Joints

There’s nothing like a Spike Lee Joint.

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August 9th 10:14am

Jet Beauties Of The Week & Why You Should See “The Help”

The lovely ladies starring in the upcoming film “The Help,” Viola Davis and Octavia Butler, speak on why we should go out and support the movie:

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August 9th 10:09am

Another Day, Another Trip To The Beach In A Kini For Rih Rih

Rihanna broke out a whole new bathing suit to head to the beach in Barbados with the fam again yesterday.

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August 9th 9:26am

Question Of The Day: Was Eric Williams Really Out Of Pocket For Throwing A Drink BACK At Jennifer? [Video]

Now we finally know what prompted Jennifer Williams’ “margarita shower” on the latest episode of Basketball Wives.

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August 9th 9:24am

Coupled Up: Natalie “Mac Tonight” Nunn Spotted Shopping With Boyfriend In Cali

We know this girl is barely relevant, but….we can’t resist the chin jokes!

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