March 18th 3:43am

Some Father-Son Precious-ness: Which Celebrity Dad Has A Moment With His Son?!?!

Gotta love it when a father spends a little quality time with his kids and is able to catch moments like these…

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March 18th 3:26am

Does Amber Rose Have A Gut Full Of Butt Growing In The… Front?!?!

Last week we posted pics of Amber Rose’s body minus the Kanye workout plan.

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March 17th 7:12pm

For Discussion: Does Interracial Dating Equal Self-Hate??

As a black woman married to a white man, Christelyn Karazin has had her share of people critiquing her relationship

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March 17th 5:53pm

Are You a ‘Crazy’ Baby Mama Authors Max-Laine and Melanie Bent Aim to Break the Cycle

It is no secret that being a single mom is no easy task and to outsiders looking in, the cliche saying, “you may think you know but you have no idea” is a reality. It’s so much of a reality for single mothers, Max-Laine and Melanie Bent, they decided to write a book about it!…

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March 17th 4:35pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Lil Wayne’s I Am Music II Tour Kicks Off With Nicki Minaj (GO) This Year’s Black Conservative (GO) Forget Them! Is your man more important than your girls? (GO) Soulja Boy – 1UP (Mixtape) (GO) Happy St. Patrick’s Day: Here’s the Kardashians in Green! (GO) Kiss Me I’m Irish: 10 People You Didn’t Know Were…

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March 17th 4:23pm

Bolitics As Usual: Guess Which Toupee’d Douchebag Is Questioning President Obama’s Birthplace Now???

C’mon seriously, who keeps turning on the microphone for this fawking’ fool?

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March 17th 3:15pm

Some St. Patty’s Day Cakes Courtesy Of Shakur!

Shakur has long been a favorite of ours (and MANY of you too!) So in honor of her magnificent a** (and St. Patrick’s Day) we bring you a gallery that is sure to make your girlfriend green!

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March 17th 2:03pm

Fawk A Thug: Group Of Philly Boys Become First All-Black Team To Win A National Polo Title

It’s not often the young Black youths of Philly give us something to brag about.

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