January 25th 11:31am

Freakazoids: 23 Year-Old Woman Popped For Chopping Down & “Getting It Done Right” By A 13-Year-Old

These Floridian folks are crraaaazzzzzaaayyyy, and this lady ain’t sheeeeeeeet:

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January 25th 11:11am

Dear Bossip: I’ve Been Sleeping With My Ex-Husband To Get More Child Support Money & Now I’m Pregnant

Dear Bossip, I have been divorced for the past four and a half years.

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January 25th 11:06am

In Case You Missed It: The 10 Most Important Points From Obama’s State Of The Union Address

While you were watching The Game, the rest of the country was watching Barack Obama handle his biz.

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January 25th 9:58am

Delusions Of A Thirsty Chick

Some women are so lost, they’ll say and do anything. Do you know any on this list?

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January 25th 9:29am

SMH: Bruce Jenner Doesn’t Believe That Daughters Kendall And Kylie Will Have To Go To College

We know they are already working, but these folks are just like, “eff an education?!”

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January 25th 9:02am

Oprah Says She Ain’t With All That Matrimony-dom Business: “I Am Not The Marrying Kind”

For those of you who wonder why Oprah and Stedman have never jumped the broom…

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