November 16th 6:03pm

“Tot Mom” Casey Anthony Narrowly Misses Being Murked After Assassin Discovers Her Safe House

Cotdamn there is a lot of failed assassinations going down today.

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November 16th 5:25pm

For Your Information: 7 Of The Worst Paying Jobs That STILL Require A College Degree

With the economy as bad as it is, even having a college degree isn’t enough to get by…

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November 16th 5:09pm

Coupled Up: T.I. And Tiny Love It Up In La La Land, Shaq & Hoopz Bring Their Bliss To NYC

T.I. and Tiny were spotted doing some fine dining in Los Angeles Tuesday.

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November 16th 5:03pm

Heavy D’s Final Interview On Death, Life, And Music [Video]

  More On Bossip! Bossip Exclusive: Dwyane Wade Dirty Dog Chronicles Part 2! And Guess Who Else She’s Been Sleeping With… Real Reality Love: 10 Couples That Have Survived & Sustained Their Relationships While On Reality TV Ooh La La: Paula Patton Shows Off Her Cakes For Complex And Talks About Playing Dress Up At…

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November 16th 4:43pm

Bangin Candy With Jessica Vice

Peep the lovely Jessica Vice in today’s edition of Bangin Candy.

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November 16th 4:32pm

Some Afternoon Father Son Preciousness With Big Willy Smith And Young Jaden

Will Smith was spotted leaving Prime One Twelve in Miami with his youngest son Jaden Tuesday night.

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November 16th 4:24pm

When The Checks Stop Coming: Find Out How Much Each Big Player Missed Out On When Their Paychecks Didn’t Arrive Thanks To The Lockout

Today was supposed to be payday for NBA players, but thanks to the lockout that didn’t happen. Find out how much money the big names missed out on today.

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November 16th 4:12pm

Rumor Control: Bieber’s Maybe Baby Momma Says She Hasn’t Dropped The Lawsuit Against Justin After All

Despite reports to the contrary, Bieber still has some ‘splainin to do.

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