November 16th 3:38pm

Sit Down, Boo Boo: 7 Types of Arrogant Men

We all love a lil swagger, but arrogance? No thank you. Here are seven types of arrogant men that need to eat some humble pie.

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November 16th 3:29pm

Ohhhh Lawd: Simple Broads Have Joined The Illuminati!

SMH. Somebody lay hands on this chick and pull her life together.

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November 16th 3:14pm

Rumor Control: Draya Michele Wants You To Know Who Her Baby’s Daddy ISN’T

Remember those pesky little rumors about who Draya Michele may have sat on in order to qualify as a “Baskteball” Wife/Jumpoff/Fiance/Baby Mama/Or Whatever-Else-VH1-Considers-Acceptable?

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November 16th 2:26pm

Magazine Covers: PEOPLE Magazine Thinks Bradley Cooper Is The Most Enticing Man In The World

People Magazine has named Bradley Cooper as their “Sexiest Man Alive” for 2011.

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November 16th 2:16pm

Reality Rewind: Braxton Family Values Plus Love & Hip Hop Season 2 [Video]

Jonesy breaks down all the ratchetness on The Braxton Family Values, Love & Hip Hop Season 2, And Bad Girls Club Reunion Part 2.

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November 16th 1:07pm

Dear Bossip: I Let Him Move In Despite Him Being Unemployed, But I Think I Made A Mistake

Dear Bossip, After reading what you have told others I REALLY need your advice.

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November 16th 12:38pm

World’s Most Expensive Tea Prevents Cancer But It Has A Secret Ingredient … Panda Poop!

If you were concerned about getting cancer and had access to the funds to buy the world’s most expensive tea that helps prevent getting the disease, would you let a little fecal fertilizer stop you from drinking it?

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