November 16th 9:34am

The Hottest Chick In The Game: Chelly-O Lookin’ Lovely In Hawaii

Michelle Obama was looking absolutely stunning accompanying husband Barry-O in Hawaii:

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November 16th 9:21am

Sorry Fellas: After The Nightmare, C-Milli Isn’t Checking For Any Of Y’all

You gotta love it when pretty girls with low self-esteem find perspective after a dude who should have never had her fawks her head up…

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November 16th 9:10am

Basketball Ex-Wife Jennifer Williams Recently Launched her Lip Gloss Line…Ladies, Would You Cop Some???

Jennifer “I still rock blue contacts in 2011″ Williams and her beautifully long legs

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November 16th 8:46am

Secret Service Thinks Gun-Toting Nut Job That Fired Shots At The White House May Be A Threat To President Obama

President Obama has always had to deal with harsh criticism, but now it looks like he might have to duck real shots!

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November 16th 8:46am

In Nasty Pedophile News: Penn State Assistant Coach Under Fire For Witnessing Jerry Sandusky Raping A Boy In The Shower Says He Alerted The Police

Mike McQueary says he alerted the police of Jerry Sandusky’s disgusting locker room actions back in 2002:

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November 16th 8:36am

Stop The Violence: One-Time Says Man Shot Up NYC’s Popular Juliet Supperclub Over An Argument About Bumping Someone

How do people still get guns past security at an “upscale” club? And WHY, unless they’re planning something…

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November 16th 8:22am

Album Review: Drake “Take Care” Bossip’s Favorites

Since his quick catapult to hip-hop fame over two years ago thanks to the release of his critically acclaimed mixtape So Far Gone many have been watching and waiting for Aubrey “Drake” Graham to fail.

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November 16th 8:20am

Jesus Take The Wheel: 18 Preschoolers Killed In China On A Bus With 9 Seats Packed With 64 People Inside

How in the heavens did they fit 64 kids in a bus built for 9??? And why would they put 64 kids on a bus built for 9???

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