December 23rd 3:51pm

Pure Comedy: The Most Ridiculous Christmas Gifts Ever Received By Real Life People

Grandma’s used underwear? Condoms for 9th graders? An unpaid, unbooked vacation to Australia???

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December 23rd 3:46pm

Dope: A Fabolous Christmas [Video]

Sick Fab, But Where Are Your Kids And Emily B.?

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December 23rd 3:42pm

Tackle These Fellas! The Most Eligible Bachelors In The NFL For You To Feast Your Eyes On

Ladies, ever feel bored each Sunday while your man is glued to the TV watching grown men piled on top of each other? Well, now you have reasons to watch.

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December 23rd 3:19pm

UPS Driver Caught Throwing Package Then His Middle Finger At The Camera! [Video]

New York UPS driver is caught on security camera not only heaving the package to its destination, but throwing a little birdie as well when he flips off the camera.

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December 23rd 3:18pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

When you look at this toy, do you think it’s demeaning to girls??? Would you think that Lego is “sexualizing” their toys???

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December 23rd 3:05pm

Congratulations: Eric Benet And Manuela Are Now The Proud Parents Of A Baby Girl

What a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas and ring in the new year!

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December 23rd 2:52pm

Not YOU Again: 7 Celebs Who Can Make It Hard to Like Them

Everyone else loves them, but there’s something about these folks that rubs us the wrong way…

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December 23rd 2:07pm

Elsewhere In The World: Ne-Yo Takes His Giving Tour To Haiti And Gets Some Backup Action From The Crowd [Video]

This year, Ne-Yo extended his “Giving Tour” from a five-city bus trip to an international journey that took him to Angola and Haiti.

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December 23rd 1:02pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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December 23rd 12:54pm

Some Illuminati Mommy-To-Be Preciousness: Beyonce’s Goes On And On About Christmas Shopping For Hubby Hov And Her Hump Full Of Camel

Won’t you be happy in a few more weeks when Beyonce finally has this baby (or pics her up from wherever you Anti-stans really think the baby’s coming from)??

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December 23rd 12:37pm

Man Slores: Men That Chopped Down Enough Women To Makes Kobe’s “105″ Look Like Child’s Play

Everyone was astounded by Vanessa saying that Kobe chopped down a ton of women. But these guys passed that number years ago!

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