September 14th 9:30am

What The Eff Is Nicki “The Black Gaga” Minaj Wearing???

Nicki Minaj’s sense of style has totally gone to the … cats.

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September 14th 9:17am

Manny Ramirez Wife ‘Juliana’s’ 911 Call: “Hello, My Husband Hit Me” [Video]

We got the full scoop on Manny & ‘Mouthy-Banging’ Juliana Ramirez: The couple met at Bally’s in Boston and Manny was immediately drawn to her cakes.

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September 14th 9:14am

Which One Would You Hit??? Michael Vick Vs. Vince Young

Philadelphia Eagles QBs Michael Vick and Vince Young hit up

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September 14th 9:05am

Common’s Revealing Memoir Officially Hits The Streets – “One Day It’ll All Make Sense”

In his new memoir, One Day It’ll All Make Sense, Chicago-born actor/rapper Common, gives readers a revealing, gripping, and raw look into his life and journey from boy to man.

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September 14th 9:05am

Who Looked More Bangin’??? Beyonce vs. Paula Patton

The battle of the soon-to-be mommy-banger vs. the veteran mommy banger

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September 14th 8:44am

Shady Swizzy Beaks Pulls A Kobe… Guess What He Got Alicia For HIS Birthday????

In a move some may say is reminiscent of Kobe Bryant — post Colorado rape allegations — Swizz Beatz gave wife Alicia Keys something very EXPENSIVE

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September 14th 8:30am

Elsewhere In The World: British Toys R Us Manager Gets Caught Spending $31,000 A Week (Of Toys R Us Scrilla) On Hooker Poo

This guy stole $6 milli from Toys R Us and spent it all on some dirty prostitute?!?!?!?!

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September 14th 8:20am

Almost Secret Matrimony-Dom: Jason Kidd Upgrades His Baby Mama Porschla Coleman To Official Basketball Wife Status

Man, these two are really good at keeping their isht quiet! And they weren’t even trying this time.

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September 14th 8:09am

Hate Crime Justice: Black Woman Gets 5 Years For Almost Beating A Transgender Woman To Death In A Maryland McDonald’s

This senseless violence has to stop: It was a scandalous hate crime caught on camera that grabbed national headlines.

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