January 18th 12:08pm

Dear Bossip: Yeah, I Used To Be Obese, But He Still Won’t Acknowledge Or Be Seen With Me In Public

Dear Bossip, I’m a Caucasian woman who has been with the same guy for 7 years. He’s Dominican.

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January 18th 11:26am

Charli Baltimore And Her Daughter Talk Watching Weight! [Video]

SMH@Charli’s daughter having a love for McDonalds that cant be thwarted.

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January 18th 10:02am

Michael Jordan Believes That Kobe Bryant Is The Only Heir To His “Airness” Throne

What do y’all think??? Is Kobe the only one out there that can compare to Air Jordan???

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January 18th 10:02am

Did You Know: Wearing Headphones Can Increase Your Chances Of DYING???

Read and take heed cuz we would hate for those Beats’ to be the death of you.

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January 18th 9:39am

Got Her Lookin’ So Crazy Right Now: BeyBey’s Rep Says British Tabs Published Fake First Post-Baby Blue Ivy Interview

We knew that ish was fake the moment we read that Bey said Blue was a normal child.

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