July 28th 12:18am

A 5th Eddie Long Accuser Comes Out!! [Video]

For The Record… The 5th Eddie Long Accuser Is Not Nene! SMH@the way it jumped into the limo and sped off.

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July 27th 6:04pm

11 Of Our Favorite Musicians Who Can Act

Who else is not a fan of actors who try out singing?

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July 27th 6:02pm

Illuminati Files: Are Yeezy And His Handlers “Puppet Masters”??? [Video]

An interesting look at the rotating group of artists around Kanye’s “throne”…

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July 27th 5:53pm

The Bossip Boombox: The NBKOTB Edition

New Music by King, Jay Denson, Wise, Angel Haze and Kreesha Hunter

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July 27th 5:23pm

White Girl Mob: Hip-Hop’s Favorite White Girls

Although Bay Area rappers Kreayshawn, V-Nasty and the rest of their White Girl Mob are trying everything in their power to destroy the love affair between Hip-Hop and white girls by making awesomely bad rap music and tossing around the N-word, it’ll take a little more than a group of foul-mouthed, non-rapping white women to…

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July 27th 4:34pm

Plastic Surgery: 10 Of The Most Popular Celebrity Trends While Under The Knife

Let the folks in Hollyweird tell it, if you don’t like something about yourself, pay somebody to “fix” it.

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July 27th 4:22pm

C-Milli And Her Shady Dirty Dog Ex-Hubby The Dream Nightmare Play Nice For Baby Violet

Mommy Banger C-Milli was spotted leaving The Ivy after lunch with her ex The-Dream and their lil bundle of preciousness Violet Nash.

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July 27th 4:14pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Here are the late Amy Winehouse’s bodyguards posing with her ashes, probably just minutes after she was cremated.

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July 27th 4:09pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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July 27th 3:22pm

Forget Those “Basketball Broads”…Jennifer Williams Gots Herself Some New Friends To Kick It With In Italy

After having an ignorant and drama filled trip to Italy with castmates from “Basketball Wives”, Jennifer Williams

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