November 12th 11:18am

Dr. Conrad Murray Snaps On His Lawyer For Being Unprepared And His Momma For Interrupting Grown Man Business!! [VIDEO]

Clearly, Conrad Murray knew that his trial wasn’t going to end in his favor…

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November 12th 9:46am

Husband Hunting? 10 Traits To Look For In A Spouse

We have to work to understand where the opposite sex is coming from, and only then are we open enough to commit.

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November 11th 5:53pm

Skip The Club: 7 Better Ways To Meet Quality Men

Finding someone in a “meet” market is easy. Finding a guy with long-term potential in the night life circuit is a harder prospect altogether.

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November 11th 5:08pm

Cash Money Is An Army: 10 Lil Wayne Lyrical References To The Armed Services

When B.G. stated, “Cash Money is an Army, better yet a Navy” on the track “Cash Money is an Army,” in 1999, we’re thinking Lil Wayne missed the memo that he was speaking figuratively.

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November 11th 4:26pm

Beautifully Coupled Up: Gabrielle Union And D-Wade Stuntin For The Cameras…”We Soooo In Love, Eff Y’all!!!”

Here are photos of Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade giving each other the dreamy eyes

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November 11th 4:20pm

In Basketball Wives News: Is Evelyn Lozada Finally Holding A Gut Full Of Ochostinko?

Chad Ochocinco is over the moon about Evelyn Lozada having his seeds.

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November 11th 4:03pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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