February 24th 2:40pm

Jourdan Dunn Gets Her Peasant On For Vogue UK

Jourdan Dunn shows us off how to pull off peasant skirts and tops in the March 2011 issue of Vogue UK. The “Ocean Colour Scene” spread features Jourdan (and fellow model Karmen Redaru) in pieces from Jil Sander, Yves Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs. “It’s a wondrous view: big, bold, spicy hues on cottons and…

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February 24th 12:30pm

The Side-eye: Kimmy Cakes And Kris Jenner Defends Her God-Given Cheeks, Swear Off Azz Enhancement Pills

Kim Kardashian has said that she does not endorse the use of “butt enhancement pills”.

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February 24th 11:01am

Men Whose Voices Make Us Melt

In life there needs to be balance, a meeting of opposites.

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February 24th 10:46am

Pimpin’ Kris Jenner Is Putting Her Last Two Golden Eggs On The Stroll

Now that she’s turned her elder three daughters into a $65 million swriling-marrying-baby making-attention whoring empire, Kris Jenner is turning her attention to her younger two.

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February 24th 10:31am

Some Morning Preciousness: Little Willow Does Regular Kid Stuff With Regular Kids

Aww! We love to see slightly overworked little people have a do some good and have a good time… even if it’s still technically work.

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February 24th 9:51am

Guess Which Young Chocolate Tender Is Chopping This Down With No Strings Attached

Self-proclaimed D-Lister Kathy Griffin has been getting it in all over Hollyweird with a New Black Kid On The Block whose bare chest and body of work are both designed to make women resent their men. Can you guess who it is?

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February 24th 9:33am

New Music: Tyga Featuring Justin Bieber “Stuck In The Moment”

The Young Money star and Hip-Hop’s favorite Canadian crooner (Sorry Drake) have linked up for a heat rock that’s sure to invade a radio station near you soon. Young Moola baaaaby! Tyga’s debut album Careless World is coming soon! Hate It or Love It?!?!

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February 24th 9:24am

Hi Hater: Shawn Kemp Says That Blake Griffin Dunk Wasn’t All That

Typically, we would automatically accept an opinion on the validity of a dunk from a man who dunked on Jordan.

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February 24th 9:17am

Still Sloppy…Britney Spears And Sons Spotted At The Airport

Britney Spears and her sons were seen being escorted

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February 24th 8:48am

Wildin’ Because They’re Young: Florida Teenager Confesses To The Murder Of A Police Officer!

These kids nowadays are really outta control, where the hell are the parents of these lil hooligans???

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February 24th 8:40am

Coupled Up: Eric Benet And His Fiancée Manuela Seen On The Scene In Hollyweird

Eric Benet and his fiancée and Prince’s ex Manuela Testolini

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February 24th 8:35am

Sh*t Might Be Getting Realer Than The People Of Libya Expected

When the people of Libya decided to rise up against Moammar Gadhafi, they probably expected a little rabble rousing in the streets, support from the West and their “freedom” in the very immediate future.

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February 24th 8:22am

In White Folks News: David Arquette Says He Drank Beer At 4 And Smoked Weed At 8-Years-Old

SMH…this fool was off the chain: Fresh off his stint in rehab, David Arquette is ready to come clean about his alcohol and drug-riddled past.

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February 24th 8:05am

Sisters Who Were Released From Prison For Kidney Transplant Need To Lose 160 Lbs And Quit Smoking Newports

Uhhh oh…the “kidney sisters” have a little hiccup in their quest for organ transplant action:

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