March 2nd 11:51am

Are We There Yet? Battles Bullying TONIGHT At 9/8c On TBS

Executive Producer Ice Cube keeps the laugh coming with back-to-back episodes of the hit sitcom Are We There Yet? at a  BRAND NEW TIME, tonight starting at 9/8c!

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March 2nd 11:42am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Cornell Frat Gets Shut Down After Sophomore’s Drinking-Related Death

Authorities have shut down the Cornell chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon after a 19-year-old member was found dead Friday.

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March 2nd 11:30am

Is China Exploiting or Helping The Congo?

While Washington is preoccupied with war in Afghanistan and Arab liberation movements, Beijing is feeding its insatiable “Made in China” machine by cranking out mega-deals to develop Africa’s infrastructure in return for rights to grab resources, such as minerals and oil.

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March 2nd 11:25am

Get Well… Serena Williams Hospitalized For Blood Clots In Her Lungs

Poor thang! Serena Williams can’t seem to catch a break this year.

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March 2nd 11:13am

Twitter Files: Chris Breezy Is Sprung Off That Special “Kae”

Chris Brown is a Tweetin’ fool… for love!!!

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March 2nd 11:08am

Say What? Who’s Replacing Whitney In ‘The Bodygaurd’

Her name has echoed the loudest in the flurry of names for stars that could possibly touch a new Bodyguard project.

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March 2nd 11:05am

Some Morning Cakes: Cyn Santana On The Cover Of Smooth Girl

The beautiful Cyn Santana lays it out for the newest cover of Smooth Girl.

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March 2nd 10:23am

You Can’t Be Serious… Guess Which 90s Sitcom Star Is Dropping An Album

This guy was pretty quiet in the years after his sitcom stardom. But he must have caught the attention whoring bug from his ex.

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March 2nd 9:57am

It’s A Wrap For This Guy: Anthony Waiters To Serve Three Life Sentences For Kidnapping And Torture

Anthony Waiters was sentenced to serve three life sentences Monday for the torture and imprisonment of then 16-year-old Kyle Ramirez

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March 2nd 9:53am

Good Idea or Bad Idea?? Oprah Has Been Invited To Do A Show Live From Tahrir Square In Egypt

They did Joe Pesci this same way in ‘Goodfellas’, sounds like a set-up if you ask us…

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March 2nd 9:53am

Tweet Of The Day: P!nk’s Got A Very Good Point

Remember when P!nk, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears hit the scene in 99-2000?

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March 2nd 9:47am

Seen On The Scene: “Candid Shots” Of Melo, La La, And Kiyan In NYC

Carmelo Anthony, La La Vazquez, and lil cutie-patootie Kiyan Anthony have their “Empire State Of Mind”

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March 2nd 9:28am

It Was Fun While It Lasted: Looks Like There Is Going To Be A Lockout In The NFL!!

We hoped for the best, but it looks like the worst is inevitable.

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March 2nd 9:25am

Time For An Intervention: Christina Aguilera’s Sloppy Drunkard Behavior Is Out Of Control

If Ted Williams can do it, Christina can: Christina Aguilera’s pals probably saw this one coming.

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