January 14th 2:21pm

Bossip Exclusive: Did Thirsty Dancer Ci-Error Get Knifed Up In Her Quest To Look More Feminine???

Some folks will go to desperate lengths to cure their loneliness! Yes Ci-Ci we’re talking about YOU.

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January 14th 1:06pm

She’s So Fly: Bootylicious Bug Named Beyonce Because Of Its Blinging Backside

Turns out that Beyonce is not the only species in nature that’s bootylicious

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January 14th 12:24pm

From Script To Song: Actors Who Can Actually Sing

Have you noticed that in the entertainment industry, everyone feels like they can crossover from field to field?

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January 14th 12:15pm

LL Cool J Launches Boomdizzle Virtual Recording Studio In Dolby Partnership [Video]

LL Cool J was at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

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January 14th 12:10pm

Beyonce and Jay Z Donating Baby Gifts To Charity [Video]

It’s better to give than to receive

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January 14th 12:01pm

Celebrity Seeds: Jamie Foxx Steps Out With His Daughter Corinne, Willow Smith Catches A Flight, Halle Picks Up Nahla

Jamie Foxx was spotted stepping out in Los Angeles with his bangin’ daughter Corinne last night.

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January 14th 10:58am

Jon Stewart Stomps On Newt Gingrich For Wanting To Teach Black Folks The Value Of A Paycheck

Check out Jon Stewart’s response to Gingrich’s absurd welfare comment about black people.

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January 14th 10:41am

Symphony Conductor Goes Off On Audience For Ringing Phone

Some dude lets his cell ring forever during a symphony, and the conductor stops the show to tell ‘em off. More power to him.

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January 14th 10:33am

Guess Which Ho-Saving Rapper Is Trying To Get His Swagger Back?

Ladies, is he doin’ a good job or do you think he could do better?

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