August 3rd 1:58pm

Would You Cop This Gold Plated Rolls Royce Phantom For $8 Million???

SMH at this whip: As if a run-of-the-mill Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB ($450,000)

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August 3rd 1:41pm

SMH: Detroit Agency Used $210,000 in Aid for Poor on Office Furniture

These funds, which bought luxury items like a $3,000 conference table, were part of a $1.2 million grant for the administration of a clothing and food bank.

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August 3rd 12:04pm

Fire This Buster!: Pat Buchanan Calls Obama “Boy” And More After Permed Up Al Sharpton Gives Him Two-Piece! [Video]

We gotta admit, Al gave Pat his lunch and that’s why he resorted to that style of debate. SMH @ W____ folks… so cliche.

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August 3rd 11:23am

#BraidFail: 10 Celebs Who Should Just Say No To Braids

Bo Derek created a trend we’d like to see stopped immediately

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August 3rd 11:21am

R.I.P.: Tupac Shakur Covers XXL Magazine For 15th Anniversary Of His Death

2pac is on the cover of XXL Magazine’s September 2011 issue:

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August 3rd 11:10am

Baby Mama Drama: Linda Evangelista Seeking $46,000 A Month In Child Support From Salma Hayek’s Billionaire Hubby

This guy can certainly afford it: Salma Hayek’s husband may soon be digging deep into his pockets for child support – $46,000 a month deep

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August 3rd 11:00am

Has The Market Improved For Black Actresses?

The question hovering over Black Hollywood after Eva Mendes was cast as Will Smith’s love interest in Hitch was, if Black actresses weren’t “good enough” to play the counterparts to Black men, did they even have a future in Hollywood? Supposedly, the reasons for casting non-Black actresses has to do with foreign sales.

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