November 17th 5:27pm

7 Socially-Conscious Cuties We Adore

Yum, mentally stimulating eye candy!

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November 17th 4:55pm

Quote Of The Day: Sarah Palin On LYNCHING Jerry Sandusky “Hang Him From The Highest Tree… I’ll Bring The Rope” [Video]

Consider Sarah Palin a crusader for the lynching of Penn State alleged pedophile perv coach Jerry Sandusky.

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November 17th 4:26pm

No Major No Problem: Rappers Who Didn’t Need A Major Record Label To Sell

While a major label deal is one being chased by almost any rapper who touches a mic, some stay away from the greedy heads and do it themselves.

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November 17th 4:19pm

White On White Violence: A Judge Mathis Defendant Attacks Plantiff! [Video]

How much you want to bet that at least one of the Defendant’s babies daddy is a thug?

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November 17th 4:04pm

Pill Poppin’ Couple Caught Gettin’ Some Backseat Of The Police Cruiser Lovin’ While Handcuffed!

Just when we thought there was nothing more scandalous than being arrested in a Whataburger for prescription drugs SMH…

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November 17th 3:42pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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November 17th 2:33pm

We Thought It Was YOUNG Money: YMCMB Signs Busta Rhymes And Mystikal!

Remember when Lil Wayne was calling out “old a$$ rappers”? Guess that’s out the window.

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November 17th 2:30pm

Hi Hater: Is Congress Trying To Kill The Internet?!

Call your congressmen and get them to vote this down before we’re all out of luck!

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