November 8th 12:45pm

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November 8th 12:33pm

Galleries: Rihanna And Friends “Ball So Hard VACA” (Photos)

Rihanna posted these pictures of her and her friends on Facebook of her most amazing vacation ever… Stuntin on a yacht, drankin, and doing little nasty poses…take a peek!

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November 8th 12:29pm

Who Are You? 10 Rappers With Alter-Egos

While rappers are no strangers to being able to express themselves, sometimes they rely on the help of a certain alter-ego to really get their message across.

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November 8th 12:21pm

San Diego Bossip Fam! Win Tix To See Chris Tucker Live

A couple of month’s ago, we’ve given away tickets to Chris Tucker’s shows in New Orleans, Kansas City & Miami. This week readers in San Diego will get their shot!

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November 8th 12:05pm

Making It: Stars Who Were Once Homeless

Check out this list and use it as inspiration to go for what you want and deserve in life.

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November 8th 11:57am

The Nightmare Team Strikes Again: Eagles Lose And Probably Won’t Make The Playoffs

It looks like the Dream Team going to the playoffs is just that…a dream.

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November 8th 11:35am

Shhhh! Embarrassing Secrets That Damn Near Ruined These People’s Careers And Lives!

People need to do a better job of keeping their secrets to themselves!

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November 8th 11:23am

Dear Bossip: My Ex Calls Me Out Of My Name & Treats Me Like Crap, But I Find It Appealing

Dear Bossip, I am desperately writing to you because I am completely confused.

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November 8th 11:02am

Trick Or Treat??? Parents Are Outraged When Minister Gives Kids Fetus Dolls For Halloween!!

Uh, sorry sir, but a fetus isn’t exactly Skittles, Starburst, or Snickers!

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November 8th 10:35am

Feds Forced To Return A Milli To Queens Jiggle Joint Cleared Of Shady Financial Dealings

We can’t lie, it feels kinda good to see the feds have to come up short.

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November 8th 10:26am

Desperate Housewives: Woman Threatens To Blow Up Ten Planes Because Husband Is Stuck Working At The Airport

Does this woman know it’s a recession and our unemployment rate is at an all time high?

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