September 2nd 12:30pm

Romeo Miller Proposes To Demi Lovato After Getting OK From Dad “Master P” [Video]

Romeo Miller Gets The OK From His Dad And Proposes To Demi Lovato [Video] Via RumorFix

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September 2nd 11:57am

Actress Theresa Harris: Hollywood Vixen Turned House Servant

Actress Theresa Harris was born in 1906 to sharecroppers Isaiah and Mable Harris in Houston, Texas. Harris had her first taste of Hollywood in 1929 when she sang in the movie “Thunderbolt”. Roles started pouring in after that. Despite her talent and beauty she would routinely be cast as maids.

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September 2nd 11:53am

Dear Bossip: My Man Is In Prison & We’re Discussing Getting Married When He Gets Out

Dear Bossip, I’m a young female (20-years old) and my incarcerated boyfriend is 20-years old as well.

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September 2nd 11:43am

Name That Cake…

These cakes were seen at the airport going through security.

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September 2nd 11:00am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Black Unemployment At All Time High 16.7%, While National Unemployment Remains At 9.1%

SMH. This is so sad that unemployment rates are soaring with blacks and and blacks only: The black unemployment rate has just reached the highest rate ever, since the first black president reached the office

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September 2nd 11:00am

When Crime Pays: 10 Stars Whose Wealth Comes From Wayward Ways

Parents and teachers are going to need to adjust their cliches.

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September 2nd 10:24am

Kush Chronic-les: Woman Accidentally Brings Pot Brownies To Canadian Co-Workers

Looks like “happy hour” came a lil early at this office.

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September 2nd 10:23am

Exclusive With Pop Star Jason Derulo: Proves He’s A Ladies Man, Talks About Thirst, Tactics, And Rumors! [Video]

Jason Derulo sat down with Jonesy and revealed his tactics for getting women in a mood, his addiction to having sex with different women, and more!

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September 2nd 10:08am

R.I.P. Cathy Koreana White, Publicist Dies From Aneurysm At Only 28-Years-Old

It’s unfortunate to say this but… cue the Illuminati theorists. A young woman who was rumored to be tied to Jay-Z has died at only 28-years-old.

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September 2nd 10:07am

Seen On The Scene: Kandi Launches Her New Line Of “Man-Part Replacing” Toys With A Little Help From Her Friends

Kandi celebrated the launch of her new line of intimate products in Atlanta yesterday with a little help from some fans, some massaging strippers, and a few of her celebrity friends.

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September 2nd 9:43am

Poor Thang: Rih Rih Is Having A Rough Life… Leaky Overpriced Crib And A Bad Hair Day!

RihRih was spotted leaving Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica looking like the definition of that “Hard Knock Life”…

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