July 21st 1:07pm

Pure Comedy: “Black And Jewish” NBKOTB Kat Graham And Kali Hawk Parody Wiz’s “Black And Yellow”

One of our favorite New Black Kids On The Block — Kat Graham teamed up with “Couples Retreat” actress Kali Hawk to pay homage to their roots.

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July 21st 12:40pm

You Can’t Be Serious… Fabio Is Trying To Give Isaiah Mustafa The Ho Sit Down And Take His Spot As The New Old Spice Guy!

Old Spice can’t be serious putting our boy Isaiah Mustafa on pause and letting that old long-haired gigolo Fabio get his shine on!

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July 21st 12:12pm

NFL Lockout: Is This Greedy Mofo Holding Up Our NFL Season?!

We’re soooo close to football! But this greedy fool is trying to hold it up for cash…

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July 21st 11:53am

SMH: Jewish Congresswoman Accuses Black Tea Party Member Of Sexual Harassment [Video]

Speaking Of “Black And Jewish” Peep The New Video Below “Black & Jewish, Black & Jewish!!”

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July 21st 11:42am

Not Guilty: Some Infamous Cases Of People Getting Let Off The Hook In Court

As Americans, we’ve become pretty disenfranchised with the court system that never seems to lock anybody important up.

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July 21st 10:48am

What Locked-Out NBA Players Can Learn from the Negro Baseball Leagues

In contrast to their capacity to generate wealth for the owners, players have very little control over their affairs.

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July 21st 10:20am

After Rihanna’s Drum Solo Fans Try Pulling Off Her Wig?? [Video]

It looks to us like the fans were just trying to feel her hair… not snatch her wig back.

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July 21st 10:12am

End Of Days: 22 Dead So Far In Worst US Heat Wave In Years And Our Power Grid Might Be The Next Casualty

If you thought it was hotter than usual this summer, you’re not imagining things.

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July 21st 10:12am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

This character Steven Retchless just made it to the semi-final of “America’s Got Talent” for his amazing pole dancing skills. SMH.

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