November 9th 2:51pm

Shook Ones: Chelly-O Says “Being Married To The President Is Scary”

Real spit, Chelly-O says presidential matrimony-dom has her shook sometimes.

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November 9th 2:43pm

The New England Patriots Cut Fat Albert Haynesworth…Is OchoCinco Next?!

Patriots are cleaning house. Maybe Ocho will need some of Evelyn’s book money after all.

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November 9th 2:00pm

Worst Day Ever: Engaged Couple Finds Out They’re Siblings Right Before Getting Married!

This is easily the worst thing we can imagine happening to two people.

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November 9th 1:51pm

Are You Jealous of Your Single Friends? It Happens…

Think you may be secretly thirsting for the single life, again? Here are signs you’re (a little or a lot) jealous of your single girlfriends.

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November 9th 12:47pm

Certified Links

Elsewhere on the Web

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November 9th 12:40pm

What Did WE Do?! Single Black Men That Seem To Have Given Up On The Sistahs

If anyone in this country gets the shaft, it’s definitely Black women. They always get the short end of the stick. And now, more and more Black men are stepping out on them. Where’s the love?

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November 9th 12:31pm

Quote Of The Day: “It Makes Me Feel Very Good, And Completely Justified For Buying A V-Neck Sweater Made Out Of Nothing But Diamonds.”

Say what you will, but Will Ferrell is part of why “N****s In Paris” is an awesome song!

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November 9th 11:50am

The 40/40 Club: Rappers Over 40 Who Still Rock The Mic

Age ain’t nothing but a number, and these rappers are determined to prove that fact.

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