December 12th 7:31pm

For Discussion: Should Teachers Be Allowed To Talk About Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, And Bisexual Issues In Public Schools??

Would you want your little one learning the ins and outs of gay life in elementary school??

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December 12th 4:41pm

New Black Kid On The Block: Pharrell’s New Artist Buddy Wants To Change Hip-Hop

Buddy is an 18-year old spitfire from Compton ready to win over ears of a new generation of Hip-Hop enthusiasts.

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December 12th 4:34pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture: Can You See Why These Buildings’ Designers Are Getting Death Threats?

This is the proposed design for two new luxury high rises being developed in Seoul, South Korea. The buildings are connected by a cloud around the 27th floor. And people are VERY upset about that cloud. Can you see why?

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December 12th 4:17pm

Catch Fade: Robin Thicke Clowns Twitter No-Name That Accused Him Of Jacking His Album Title

Don’t step to Thicke the wrong way or he’ll give you the business!

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December 12th 4:14pm

So Sad: Part-Time Baby Sitter Murks 4-Year-Old And Takes Pics Of The Poor Dead Baby Because He Wanted The Kid’s Mom

We cannot ever stress it enough: you have got to be more careful about the people you bring around your children.

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December 12th 4:06pm

Lawrence Vickers Says Pacman Jones Spit In His Face During This Play [Video]

Pac-Man is up to his ooooold tricks. But, the dude he spit on, Leslie Vickers, is not playing:

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December 12th 3:36pm

Hi Haters: The NBA Kills ANOTHER Chris Paul Trade!

Chris Paul just needs to kick David Stern in the nards and not play this season.

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