December 16th 10:04am

Dear Bossip: I Hadn’t Heard From My Boyfriend For 3 Months & When I Texted Him He Responded, “Who Is This?”

Dear Bossip, I just broke up with my ex-boyfriend 3 months ago and I still feel those feelings.

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December 16th 10:03am

Lies Women Tell Their Friends To Make Them Feel Better

When our friend is hurting, sometimes we just want to fool her…I mean comfort her…rather than give her the real deal.

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December 16th 9:56am

2011’s Top Baby Names, and Who Set the Trend in Hollywood

Usually one of the most influential categories in most popular anything, celebrities also set the trend for many baby names in 2011.

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December 16th 9:48am

Galleries: Viola Davis And Gabourey Sidibe At Their Premiere, Naomi Campbell In London And Angela Simmons Out And About

BURRR! Must be freezing in London right now, from the looks of Naomi Campbell and her furry hood steez.

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December 16th 9:34am

The Whole Truth: Jennifer Hudson May Be Asked To Testify Against Her Brother-In-Law In The Murder Of Her Family

J-Hud may have to relive the awful memory of her mother and brother’s violent death on the stand, under oath…

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December 16th 8:36am

You’ll Do For Now: The Craziest Celebrity Rebounds Of All Time

Breakups suck! Good things we got rebound tail.

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December 16th 8:35am

Geriatric Kush Chronicles: Snoop D-O-Double-Gizzle Is Still Getting In Trouble For Smoking That Ya Mean Overseas???

We weren’t going to say anything. Despite the fact that Snoop is about to play a high school student in a movie. Or the fact that his last single was “Young, Wild And Free.”

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