March 3rd 11:22am

The Worst Cities For Finding A Job In 2011

For job seekers, location can play a vital role in their next career move and while some cities are said to be bustling with growth, the water’s seemingly run dry for others. Witht that in mind, compiled a list of America’s hardest cities for finding a job using data collected from the U.S. Bureau…

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March 3rd 11:19am

Can You Imagine Cancer Away? This Oscar Winner Did

73-year-old David Seidler, who won an award at this year’s Oscars for penning the screenplay for The King’s Speech credits his IMAGINATION for curing his bladder cancer.

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March 3rd 11:15am

Carmelo’s Departure To The Knicks: Is It Just About Money and Fame?

Did Melo and La La make the transition solely so that they could move back home? Was Melo’s desire centered on a major media market where he could garner more money and fame and become an international celebrity? Or, did Anthony make the move because he was genuinely serious about winning a NBA championship?

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March 3rd 11:02am

Relationship Debate: “He Seemed So Interested, But He Never Called!”

Dear China, I met this guy at a house party. He came up to me and started a conversation.

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March 3rd 10:04am

It’s About To Hit The Fan: NATO Forces Accidentally Murked Nine Innocent Afghan Boys

You already know someone is going to want to retaliate for this atrocity.

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March 3rd 9:57am

Some Morning Crotchyliciousness

Kimmy Cakes singing career may already be a wrap, but that doesn’t mean the little fame whore isn’t milking every bit of attention possible out of it.

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March 3rd 9:45am

Blame Nicki Minaj…..And Patra

This young lady thought it was a good idea to wear a pink and purple braided bra top

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March 3rd 9:38am

Question of The Day: How Long Will It Take For Swirlin’ Romeo To Get In His DWTS Partner’s Drawls???

Here is Romeo and his Dancing With The Stars partner “Chelsie” all hugged up after leaving rehearsal.

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March 3rd 9:16am

Are You Feeling LaLa’s Mommy Dominatrix Get Up?

LaLa Vazquez-Anthony and Kiyan continued their “Seen on the Scene” tour of N.Y.C. yesterday afternoon.

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March 3rd 9:03am

In Little Canadian White Boy News: $40K for Bieber Hair???

Black women aren’t the only people paying big bucks for someone else’s locks.

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March 3rd 9:03am

Dayummmm…. New Study Shows 1 In 5 Divorces Caused By Facebook!

We weren’t surprised at all to learn that Facebook is now being blamed for destroying 20% of the marriages that are coming to an end. The sad statistics when you keep reading.

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March 3rd 8:55am

Stop The Violence: 21-Year-Old Shoots Up U.S. Military Bus In Germany

Just in case anyone forgot that terrorism and hatred of American military forces doesn’t have a set address…

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