August 1st 9:45am

What The Hell??? Principal At High School For Immigrant Children Uses Students As Her Own Personal Day-Laborers

Seriously, who chooses these people they want us to entrust our children to???

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August 1st 9:36am

Epitome Of A Bad Dad: This Trifling Mofo Passed Out Drunk And Let His 8-Year-Old Drive His Truck!!!

SMH… This fool had his 4-year-old daughter in the backseat and his 8-year-old behind the wheel!!!

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August 1st 9:36am

Kush Chronicles: Former NBA Player Arrested For Holding Roids And Marijuana…Tries To Eat The Weed

SMH: Former NBA player Samaki Walker was arrested in Arizona on Thursday night for possession of marijuana and liquid steroids.

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August 1st 9:13am

Reality Report: Messy Meeka Says The Lawsuit Is All About Teaching Tami Not To Be A Hoodrat On TV

In case some of you were wondering why Meeka “I got my own money and my husband was a basketball star” Claxton would need to file a lawsuit against anyone over a fight, she wants you to know it’s not the money.

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August 1st 9:06am

RihRih Gets Real In Barbados: Loses Raggedy Red Look And Plots “Coming Home” Documentary

Our dreams have finally come true. Finally Rihanna steps out without that wretched red hair!!!

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August 1st 8:45am

Who Looked More Bangin’??

Here are Mary J. Blige and Taraji P. Henson striking a pose in the Hamptons.

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August 1st 8:43am

Melissa Molinaro AKA “The Fake Kimmy Cakes” Shakes Her Lil Stuff In Vegas

Here is the bootleg Kim Kardashian, “Melissa Molinaro” putting her lil cakes on blast

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August 1st 8:42am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Irate Church-Goer Interrupts Mass To Talk Ish About Shady Racist Pastor!

Ever seen a racist, homophobic, Mets fan, Pastor, school teacher? Here he goes…

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August 1st 8:16am

In White Folks With Drunk & High Kids News: Al Pacino’s Daughter Popped For DUI In NYC

Al Pacino’s daughter Julie was caught driving while slizzard and high off that kush:

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