September 8th 11:00am

The Miseducation Of The Negro: A Reflection On 5 Thoughts Still Relevant Today

The three R’s are fine, but what black learning really need is revolution.

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September 8th 10:59am

Hate It Or Love It: Rihanna’s Crotchy-licious Debut As An Armani Model

Here’s the first look at Rihanna‘s new Armani Jeans ad campaign.

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September 8th 10:50am

Hi Hater: Kelis Says “Katy Perry Is Crap… Just Poor Pop”

Both of these artists have outspoken lyrics and a zany sense of style, but only one of them is tying records with Michael Jackson… Jealous much?

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September 8th 10:35am

Elsewhere In The World: Hungry Pooches In Indonesia Eat Their Owner After Going Unfed For 2 Weeks!

We bet some of you mickiefickies wish this would happen to Mike Vick…

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September 8th 9:51am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Scottish Teenager Stabs His Girlfriend 30 Times After Argument Over Garlic Bread

We’ve heard of people getting killed over some “bread” but cotdamn!!

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September 8th 9:45am

World’s Fattest Woman Says She’s A “Sex Goddess” Who Gets It In Daily, But Is Too Much Of A Chubby Lumpkins To Roll Over!

Poor thang! The world’s fattest woman says her big genes are to blame for helping her reach 700 lbs.

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September 8th 9:43am

And The Nominees Are…Bossip Dissects The BET Hip-Hop Awards Nominees

It’s awards show season, kids, and next up is the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

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September 8th 9:33am

End Of Days: Texas Wildfire So Big It Can Be Seen From Space Wipes Out Over 1000 Homes In Four Days

While Rick Perry continues his campaign of slander against President Obama, his constituents back in Texas are shook, afraid to have to face what’s happening in Austin right now.

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September 8th 9:31am

In Beautiful Black Models News….

How gorgeous are these ladies???

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September 8th 9:04am

Feliz Cumpleanos: Latina Magazine Throws A Quinceanera With 15 Bangers On One Cover

Who Looked More Bangin’ on the cover of the October issue of Latina Magazine? When you’re choosing between Jessica Alba, Zoe Saldana, Rosario Dawson and 12 other Latin beauties that’s a tough one to call!

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