July 29th 2:00pm

Why Are The Rednecks in Congress Calling All The Shots?

Geography has a lot to do with the current insanity.

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July 29th 1:15pm

Put That Thing Away: A List Of Men Whose Loins Got Them In Serious Legal And Financial Trouble

Most times when men cheat, the consequences are relatively minimal: his woman leaves him and half of his money is potentially handed to her.

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July 29th 1:06pm

Figure 5: 5 Of The Most Coveted Cakes In Hip-Hop (We Ain’t Talking Pillsbury)

Though BBD warned us of the perils of trusting them, big butts are a rapper’s best friends.

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July 29th 12:19pm

Who Is Our Daddy???

Yes. All of the people in this picture belong to one man.

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July 29th 11:53am

Certified Links

Elsewhere On The Web…

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July 29th 11:49am

Let It All Hang Out: 10 Of The Best Celebrity “Wardrobe Malfunctions”

Take a gander at this list of star-studded nip-slips and wind-blown butt cheeks.

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