November 1st 5:19pm

WTF Was THAT: Kid Crudi Tries To Out “Runaway” Yeezy By Murking The French Language (And Some People) In New “Short Film”

If you’re a fan of HBO’s original programming, you already know that Kid Cudi likes to think he’s an actor and is actually tolerable in “How To Make It In America.”

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November 1st 4:56pm

Cry Me A River: Herman Cain’s Buddies Say He’s A Victim Of A High-Tech Lynching

Oh, so Herman Cain and his people want some sympathy for him now? No thank you.

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November 1st 4:51pm

Spotted: Another Day At The Office For Baby Bump Bey Bey, Yeezy’s Sweater Swag And Kimmy Cakes Flies Away

Baby bump Bey Bey was spotted being helped into a Manhattan office building today by that handsome and gentlemanly creature known as Julius today.

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November 1st 4:35pm

9-Year-Old Girl Popped For Spitting On Bus Driver, Throwing Rocks, Patio Furniture And Threatening To Kill A Cop

This little girl is off the chain!!! A nine-year-old Florida girl is facing four felony charges

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November 1st 4:18pm

Magazine Covers: Fearless Magazine Spotlights The “Sexiest Talent On TV”… Did They Miss Anyone?

Here is the cover celebrating Fearless Magazine’s “Fearless Class of 2011″

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November 1st 4:02pm

6 Good Reasons To Date “Other Men”

So from a brutha to a sistah, here are the reasons you all really need to consider trying “something new.”

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November 1st 3:45pm

Higher Learning: 10 Rap References To Colleges and Universities

Few rappers actually went to college but that doesn’t mean they haven’t stepped foot on a university campus or two.

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