September 2nd 9:43am

Poor Thang: Rih Rih Is Having A Rough Life… Leaky Overpriced Crib And A Bad Hair Day!

RihRih was spotted leaving Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica looking like the definition of that “Hard Knock Life”…

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September 2nd 9:16am

ChitChatter: Kim Kardashian’s Dream Is For Her And Her Sisters To Be Knocked Up Simultaneously

Could you imagine what it would be like if all the Kardashian broads were knocked up at the same time??

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September 2nd 9:13am

End Of Days: 7.1-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Alaska Overnight, Tsunami Warnings Issued

What is this, like the 5th earthquake on US soil in the last three weeks? It was definitely the second earthquake yesterday…

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September 2nd 8:59am

911 Is A Joke: Piece Of Isht Philly Cop Rapes A Woman In His Squad Car While On Duty!?!?

What the hell ever happened to “serve and protect”?!?!

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September 2nd 8:49am

Bolitics: Tea Party Wanksters Want Congressman To Resign Because He Said They Want To See Blacks “Hanging On A Tree”

Leave it to the lynch mob to be up in arms over a black man speaking the damn truth.

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September 2nd 8:44am

Swizz Beatz Says His Biggest Accomplishment Was Getting Out The Hood, He Admires Honesty, And Doesn’t Regret A Damn Thing About Anything

Now that the whole world is convinced that Swizzy is a genius, people are allowing him to blatantly contradict his life with his words without asking him to explain a thang.

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September 2nd 8:25am

Congratulations! It’s Another Girl For Scary Spice Mel B And Stephen Belafonte

Congratulations to Mel B, who finally gave birth to her third little girl late Thursday at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

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September 2nd 8:19am

Basketball Wives L.A. Premiere: Norwood, Sister Tanya Young-Williams, And Their Mom… Snatch The Mic From Bossip And Break Out In Song! [Video]

At the L.A. Basketball Wives Premiere, we had the “pleasure” of running into Tanya Williams… Jason Williams’ wife, Norwood Young (her brother), and their mother.

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September 2nd 8:13am

Freakazoids: 25-Year-Old Woman Leaves Kids Home Alone So She Can Go Next Door And Have “Drug-Induced” Sex With 13-Year-Old Neighbor

If you thought those shady grown behind teachers screwing little 16-year-olds were bad….wait until you get a load of this trifling heffa right chere!!!

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September 2nd 7:58am

It’s In The Genes: Will Little Jayonce Be As Successful As These Musicians’ Children?

Bey and Jay are having a baby! And, supposedly this kid has the best musical genes of all time! But he/she won’t be the first kid with musical parents or relatives. Take a peek!

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