November 4th 5:28pm

For Discussion: Did Luda Go Too Far For Halloween?

Is this costume offensive or just old-fashioned fun.

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November 4th 5:20pm

Eff A Bad Parent: Judge That Beat Disabled Daughter Won’t Face Any Charges

Remember that horrible video of the judge beating his disabled daughter? Well, don’t look for any justice. Yay, loopholes!

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November 4th 4:33pm

Put On Blast: “Tenderoni-Toni” Slimm Says Auntie Vivica’s Drama Queen Shenanigans Caused The Split

Vivica has yet to address the demise of the love we all knew she wouldn’t have forever, but that little young boy Slimm was quick to say some slick isht about it.

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November 4th 3:51pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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November 4th 3:48pm

Tiny Survivor: 3-Year-Old Girl Feeds And Takes Care Of Herself For 2 Days After Her Mom Dies In The House

This is so sad: A 3-year-old girl comforted herself with her favorite toy and ate cheese

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November 4th 3:45pm

New Music: Robin Thicke Ft. Lil Wayne In “Pretty Little Heart” – Shooo-Du-Wop-Bop

Robin Thicke found a nice little love match with Lil Wayne’s charming vocals

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November 4th 3:17pm

Finally!: Floyd Mayweather Calls Out Pacquiao On 106 & Park! [Video]

You seen it right… the greatest boxer of our generation is going for his crown by challenging Manny Pacquiao. Gettem Floyd!!!

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November 4th 2:57pm

Don’t Be Annoying: When To Give Your Man Advice and When To Step Back

Yes, you should care about his wellbeing and take an interest in the things that are important to him, but sometimes women go overboard.

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