December 8th 4:23pm

L is For Loser: Bros Who Mooch Off Their Celebrity Siblings

We know it’s hard to raise boys to be men but these fools right here need another chance at growing up.

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December 8th 4:06pm

Nicki Minaj Gets A Kiss From Madonna As She Celebrates Her Birthday Today

The Queen Of YMCMB turned 29 today and celebrated so far with a kiss from Madonna.

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December 8th 3:37pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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December 8th 3:19pm

SMH: Months Before Her Arrest Miss “Drunk Driving” USA Rima Fakih Was Spotted Taking Bubbly Bottles To The Domepiece With Lil Jon

It’s looking like it was only a matter of time before Rima Fakih got busted for boozing it up too tough because homegirl definitely loved her liqs!

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December 8th 2:29pm

Knowing Better Means Doing Better: Ricky Rozay Is Making Sure He Has No More In-Flight Incidents

Considering how senselessly we lost Heavy D and Patrice O’Neal, we’re glad to see Ross isn’t playing with his health anymore.

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December 8th 2:24pm

Roll Up! The NBA Won’t Drug Test For Marijuana In The Offseason

It looks like the offseason will be a lot more entertaining for certain players out there.

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