September 2nd 3:20pm

A Lil Positivity: For The First Time In Years No US Soldiers Were Killed In Iraq In A Whole Month

Things have been pretty rough for Obama but he finally has some good news to slide across his desk.

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September 2nd 3:18pm

And The Plot Thickens: Jada Pinkett-Smith And Marc Anthony’s “Hawthorne” Gets Dropped From TNT

Looks like Jada and Marc’s little reason to “be extremely close” is going to go away.

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September 2nd 3:09pm

Damn!: Swirl Family (Mother-Son-Daughter) Killed Father And Put Him In Freezer Cops A Plea Deal! [Video]

Forty-two-year-old Wendy Edmond Green was first to enter a plea Friday in the death of 51-year-old David Green Jr.

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September 2nd 2:21pm

Some Afternoon Calendar Cakes: Royce Reed Toots That Thang Up For Your Viewing Pleasure

Royce Reed has been parading her petite lil package around on the internets.

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September 2nd 2:00pm

President Obama, and the Democratic Dilemma

In spite of the fact that it is the GOP that is directly responsible for the assault on poor and middle-class Americans, all criticism is being leveled at Obama.

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September 2nd 1:27pm

Which One Would You Hit???

Well isn’t this just precious? Former “Hills” star Audrina Patridge and her mom headed to Malibu Beach Thursday in matching bikinis.

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September 2nd 1:20pm

Get It Together, America: We Had Zero Job Creation In August!

This economy seems to just get worse and worse SMH.

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September 2nd 1:15pm

Not Tip: 5 Rappers You Won’t See Going To Jail

While T.I. fights to stay out of prison again, a few rappers are doing their part to keep their squeaky clean images intact.

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September 2nd 1:04pm

These Trifling Ninjas Truly Ain’t Isht

These guys are gonna be on that express train to hell. They invited a mentally disabled woman to the crib for “Bible Study” and then…

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September 2nd 12:39pm

Yeah, We Said It: Bossip Counts Down The 10 Worst Rappers In The Game Right Now

The rap game is pretty crazy these days. People are saying that it’s full of clowns ruining it.

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September 2nd 12:30pm

Romeo Miller Proposes To Demi Lovato After Getting OK From Dad “Master P” [Video]

Romeo Miller Gets The OK From His Dad And Proposes To Demi Lovato [Video] Via RumorFix

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September 2nd 11:57am

Actress Theresa Harris: Hollywood Vixen Turned House Servant

Actress Theresa Harris was born in 1906 to sharecroppers Isaiah and Mable Harris in Houston, Texas. Harris had her first taste of Hollywood in 1929 when she sang in the movie “Thunderbolt”. Roles started pouring in after that. Despite her talent and beauty she would routinely be cast as maids.

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