August 19th 2:10pm

End Of Days: Dust Cloud Covers Phoenix For The THIRD Time This Summer!

Mother Nature is still not fawkin’ around these days.

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August 19th 1:48pm

School Daze Pt. Two: 9 Black Celebs (And One Swirly Star) Who Got Their Ivy League On

Now that y’all have scoped the Black Ivy steez that is being promoted via the “black dandy” style movement, we figured why not follow up on our Black stars who went to college post by introducing you to some actual former Black Ivy League students who just happen to be celebrities?

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August 19th 1:20pm

Awesome Parenting: Mom Arrested For Two DUIs In One Night

You drunks that get just one DUI in a night need to step your game up.

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August 19th 12:18pm

Certified Links

Elsewhere On The Web…

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August 19th 12:15pm

Do Not Answer: Marc Anthony Is Apparently Calling And Bugging J. Lo To Get Back

Looks like Marky Marc is realizing that he made a huge mistake when he ruined things with J. Lo.

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August 19th 11:59am

Life After Death: A Gallery Of Unforgettable Posthumous Projects

There’s news that Amy Winehouse will have a new album released to cash in on her recent passing. But this clearly isn’t the first time people have cashed in on an artist’s demise.

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August 19th 11:27am

Gym Rules We Beg You To Follow

So you just got a new gym membership and you’re trying to get right for…well, every season.

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August 19th 11:22am

Will These Help Her Singing Career???

This picture of Cassie has been floating around the net all week and something is slightly

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