December 5th 12:39pm

Beautiful Brown Cover Girls: Chanel Iman Does WSJ Mmagazine

Here is the beautiful Chanel “Hurtin’ the Modeling Game” Iman

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December 5th 11:51am

Separated At Birth? A Mega-Gallery Of Celebrities That Look Oddly Like They’re Related

There are literally thousands of celebrities out there. So naturally some of them are going to look alike. But these similarities are just weiiiird.

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December 5th 11:32am

What The Hell?? 8 Ferraris, 3 Benzes, 2 Toyotas, And A Lamborghini Involved In 14 Car Crash In Japan

SMH at $1 Million dollars worth of whips being involved in this crash:

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December 5th 10:37am

How We Confuse The Men We Like…With Mixed Signals

We want guys to know they have a chance, but we don’t want them to think we’re easy.

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December 5th 10:15am

What Is Wrong With This Picture??? Shouldn’t A Nicki Minaj Barbie Have “Some” Color?

We told you about Nicki Minaj getting her official Barbie on last week

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