July 10th 9:29am

Identity Crises: Stars With Too Many Doggone Split Personalities And Nicknames!

Did your mom ever tell you to be yourself? Well, these celebrities didn’t get that memo.

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July 9th 4:21pm

White Kid At Safeco Field Kills Michael Jackson’s Thriller Dance!! [Video]

We thought he was off in the beginning, then he starts getting-it-in!

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July 9th 4:10pm

*Caught On Tape* 19-Yr Old Isayah Muller Killing After Dad Starts Scrapping Over Stolen Cologne! [Video]

Easier said than done, we know… but some battles are not worth fighting.

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July 9th 1:55pm

Reinventing Yourself: Make-over ‘You’

You’re currently in a relationship that causes you to question why men were even created.

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July 9th 1:09pm

Eve And Reggie Bush Swirl It Up In Hollyweird

That broad don’t look like no Kimmy Cakes Reggie!

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July 9th 1:02pm

5 Supermodels That Transformed Into Super Moguls

These beauties really get down to business.

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July 9th 11:59am

Quote Of The Day: Plaxico Burress Says Mike Vick “Gave Me Hope, Joy”

Plaxico Burress is fresh out of jail and ready to get back to work.

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July 9th 11:10am

Real Life BeBe’s Kids: 10 Misbehaving Celebrity Children

Whether it’s hanging around with the wrong people, getting in trouble with the law, or always finding themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time, some kids are just more mischievous than others.

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July 9th 10:40am

Elsewhere In The World: South Sudan Becomes The World’s Newest Nation

Time to update your African map again. Congratulations to the brothers and sisters in South Sudan — who have finally gained independence after decades of civil war. The United States on Saturday recognized the Republic of South Sudan, the world’s newest nation, as a sovereign and independent state. President Barack Obama said in a statement…

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