November 7th 10:06am

Mariah Yeater’s First Interview About Justin Bieber Baby Allegations “He Was Aggressive” [Video]

Damn… she sounds like she’s telling the truth… if not, what an attention slore!

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November 7th 10:02am

Random Ridiculouness In New Music: Katt Williams – “If You See A Bad Trick, Look Her Up And Knock Her Down”

SMH!!! Katt Williams and his pimpin’ shenanigans out do themselves every time…

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November 7th 9:39am

Galleries: Rihanna Uncut…Backstage LOUD Tour [Photos]

Here are some candid pics of your girl Rih Rih getting it in backstage during her Loud Tour

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November 7th 9:35am

Pure Comedy: Floyd Mayweather Makes Anti-Gay And Racist Remarks After Being Clowned During A Radio Interview For Ducking Manny Pacquiao!!

Things got a lil heated when “Money” Mayweather heard that DJ Rude Jude goin’ in on him live on-air!

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November 7th 9:29am

Shady & Nasty Muhfuggas: Penn State Officials Step Down After Covering Up Jerry Sandusky’s Disgusting Sexual Abuse Of Young Boys

Each and every person involved in allowing Penn State’s Jerry Sandusky to molest young boys need to be locked up:

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November 7th 9:02am

15-Yr Old Patty Fabian Stalked, Beaten, And Video Posted Online By Bullies! [Video]

Serious question; should kids get arrested for fights at school, or is a suspension enough?

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November 7th 8:49am

Black “GOP Lovin”: Herman Cain Says Wife Gloria Is Taking The Sexual Harassment Stuff Way Worse Than He Is, New Accuser Hires Gloria Allred

Aww look at the young couple…sounds like good ole Herman and Gloria Cain have got each others’ backs….

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November 7th 8:44am

Lindsay Blohan Goes To Jail… Finally! Guess For How Long?

Yayo lovin’ Lindsay has reported for her slammer time

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