October 24th 3:02pm

Break Ups: Just In Time For A New Episode Of “Basketball Wives L.A.” Matt Barnes Confirms Split From Gloria Govan

If the previews for tonight’s episode of BBWLA weren’t enough of a red flag, Matt Barnes has issued a statement confirming his split from “Basketball Wives” and “Basketball Wives L.A.” star Gloria Govan:

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October 24th 2:42pm

In Heart Attack News: The McRib Is Coming Back!

Get in line for the return of the Heart Attack Sandwich.

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October 24th 2:40pm

Hi Haters! Was Kimmy Cakes Booed Out Of Her Own Birthday Celebration?!

We all saw the pics of Kimmy Cakes’ b-day bash, but things may not have been as peachy keen as they’d like you to believe.

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October 24th 2:21pm

SMH: Condi Rice Says She Now Regrets Shoe Shopping And Yukking It Up During Katrina Disaster

Condoleezza Rice is speaking up about how she let the country and her race down by being such a thoughtless beyatch during Hurricane Katrina.

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October 24th 1:45pm

Should Multi-Millionaire Madonna Be Held Responsible For Her Brother Being Homeless And Living Under A Bridge???

When the checks stop coming in… should you expect your younger more successful sibling to help you out?

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October 24th 12:42pm

Hate It Or Love It: Former R&B Child Star Sammie Comes Back With A New Look And Sound

Ladies, Sammie wants you to stop thinking of him as your little brother’s cute friend.

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October 24th 12:31pm

Don’t Be An Arse: Crazed Aussie Flashes His Outback Cakes At Queen Elizabeth

This is what the Brits would describe as “cheeky”. In EVERY since of the word…

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October 24th 12:20pm

Eff The World: 50 Cent Cusses Everyone Out For Not Caring About Hungry African Kids As Much As He Does… This Year

Now that 50 Cent has discovered his charitable spirit, he is appalled that the rest of you could possibly be so insensitive and uncaring about the world.

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October 24th 12:19pm

Serial Rapist In Dallas Targeting Women From Delta Sigma Theta Sorrority

Police in the Dallas area are hunting a suspected serial rapist who appears to be targeting alumnae members of one sorority

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