July 11th 9:43am

Athletes & Hoes: NFL Player Antonio Gates Wifes Model Previously Dumped By Hype Williams And Another NFL Dude For Cheating

If your bride looked like this, would you look the other way when it came to her checkered past?

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July 11th 9:38am

ChitChatter: La La Vazquez Shares Details On How She And Melo Met And How They Aspire To Be Like Jada And Will Smith

La La Vazquez-Anthony recently sat down with NYTimes and discussed how she and Melo met, which celebrity couples she admires, and more:

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July 11th 9:12am

New Black Kid On The Block: Yohann Gene, The First Black Cyclist To Ride In The Tour de France

Black folks are getting into every sport nowadays, won’t be long before this guy is giving Lance Armstrong a run for his money.

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July 11th 9:07am

50 Cent’s Lil Piece “Daphne Joy” And Friends Floss Their Lil Bikini Bawddies In San Diego

Here is Daphne Joy along with Suelyn Medeiros and Jessica Burciaga at the Bikini Swim Club in San Diego with their lil bikini bodies on blast.

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July 11th 8:46am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Here is Trina planking in the airport on an escalator.

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July 11th 8:38am

More Matrimony-dom: Chrissy Bosh And Her Wife Set To Take European Honeymoon Vacation

We wonder if Chrissy’s wife knows that she is in a same-sex marriage?

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July 11th 8:37am

For Discussion: New Sex Study Suggests Men Want To Cuddle While Women Value That Chop Action

Good news ladies — a recent sex study of long-term relationships found that men who get lots of cuddle action and affectionate touching are happier!

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July 11th 8:34am

Quote Of The Day: Newt Gingrich Says We Are In The “Obama Depression”

Newt Gingrich is still talking that yang: Newt Gingrich labeled the economic situation in the U.S. as the “Obama depression,”

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July 11th 8:13am

That’s One Big Ole’ Baby!! Texas Woman Gives Birth To 16-Lb, 1oz Boy

Wow, kudos to this woman for carrying such a large baby:

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July 11th 7:59am

Guess These Cakes In A Kini…

These cakes were spotted in Miami bending over and frolicking around the beach. Can you guess to whom they belong???

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July 11th 7:33am

Congratulations!! Baby Girl Beckham Has Made Her Way Into The World!!

Posh and Becks welcomed their fourth child with a funky name yesterday in L.A.

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July 11th 7:33am

Leave Our Precious Nahla Alone: Wankster Jumps Halle Berry’s Fence Twice In One Weekend

Halle and Nahla might have a stalker or something on their hands.

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