January 31st 12:29pm

Fill In The Blank: This Gourmet Hamburger Costs _____ Dollars

In these times of recession and starving children it’s almost sinful to spend this kind of money on a meal.

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January 31st 11:00am

How Fast Food Companies “Super Size” African Americans

The war against obesity in black America hasn’t really gotten started yet. Every day, millions of black kids and adults walk into fast food restaurants, put a hurtin’ on some burgers, and walk out with “super-sized” bodies. Some take this simple act of eating as a sign that black America is committing culinary suicide. The…

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January 31st 10:59am

True or False: Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather And 50 Cent Are Your Next Reality Stars?!

Shout it from the mountain tops, Floyd “Money’ Mayweather and attention whore 50 Cent take their love for one another to a new level!

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January 31st 10:42am

Click Click: More Celebrity Mugshots

We don’t just pick on rappers here, kids. See, MCs aren’t the only wild children in the world.

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January 31st 10:07am

Question Of The Day: Who Is NeNe Leakes Sending Subliminal Love Tweets To??

Between her subliminal tweets of hatred to Kim Zolciak, we noticed something rather interesting in NeNe Leakes’ Twitter timeline over the weekend.

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January 31st 10:00am

SMH At This Broad

Remember Courtney Bowles?? The teacher who was popped for screwing a 16-year-olds in her whip??? More details on her shadiness:

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January 31st 9:49am

Fawk A Thug: Kevin Durant Is Not Feeling Chris Bosh New “Tough Guy” Swag

Oklahoma City forward and current scoring leader Kevin Durant is the quintessential nice guy, but after yesterday’s loss against the Miami Heat, he took former Toronto Raptor-that-still-looks-like-a-Raptor to task for being a “fake tough guy”

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January 31st 9:46am

GQ Honors 25 Coolest Athletes…. Dr. J, MJ And Muhammad Ali Cover Gentleman’s Quartley

For GQ’s 2011 February issue they celebrate the “25 Coolest Athletes of all Time”

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January 31st 9:13am

Michael Vick To Be Tagged “Franchise Player” Of The Eagles…Poor Little Kevin Kolb To Possibly Get The Boot

#TeamVick: The Philadelphia Eagles will make it official next month and place their franchise tag on quarterback Michael Vick, a league source has confirmed.

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January 31st 9:12am

Parents File $120 Million Lawsuit In The Police Shooting Of Pace University Football Player

The parents of Danroy “DJ” Henry are not feeling the idea of Pleasantville Police officers getting away for killing their son in October.

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January 31st 9:02am

It’s Officially A Wrap: Eva Longoria And Tony Parker’s Divorce Is Now Final

Tony “French Rapping” Parker is officially single and ready to mingle: Eva Longoria has finalized her divorce from husband Tony Parker.

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January 31st 8:07am

Martin Luther “The Kang” III Has His Own “Dream”…To Be Part Owner Of The New York Mets!!

His daddy would be proud of him, there aren’t many black sports franchise owners period, much less in baseball.

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January 31st 8:03am

Hi Hater: Rihanna’s Potty Mouth P*sses Parents Off Again

Once again, Rihanna seems to have forgotten that her fans and their parents watch her every moves.

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