September 20th 6:24pm

Allah Take The Wheel: About 70 People Killed In Three Days By Pro-Government Forces In Yemen

Didn’t they have a meeting to deal with the realness of s*** in Yemen like 5 months ago???

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September 20th 5:38pm

Things That Get My Morning Off to the WRONG Start

It’s morning. And no, don’t starting singing “As We Lay.”

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September 20th 5:35pm

NFL Quarterback Vince Young Holds Press Conference About Man He Says Is Impersonating Him For Sex And Women! [Video]

    Vince… you shouldn’t have to take the lie with the wifey THIS far!

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September 20th 5:07pm

The Most Popular Apps on Androids

Earlier this month, Nielsen released its first mobile app rankings for Android phones. Guess which was #1?

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September 20th 4:57pm

Dirty Dog Diaries: Photos Emerge Of Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman With Vh1 Star He Was Chopping Down While Married!

This affair is old news but this is probably the first photographic evidence we’ve seen

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