September 13th 1:25pm

Why I’m Not Mad at Serena Williams

It ain’t right to verbally abuse people but sometimes in the heat of the moment, you just have to turn into the mad rapper and tell ‘em why you mad, son.

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September 13th 1:12pm

Is Barack Obama Battling Serious Depression? Some Insiders Think So

Things may be worse than we thought for Barack.

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September 13th 12:50pm

Bad Connection: Celebrities That Should Probably Get Rid Of Their Cell Phones

Another day, another fool putting all his info on a cell phone. But Swizzy isn’t the only idiot.

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September 13th 12:38pm

Wait A Minute, Is Michael Vick Missing Something?!?!

Here is Michael Vick speaking at some press conference looking all business-y from the waist up…

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September 13th 11:42am

Swizzy’s Side-Piece Christina Elizabeth Comes Clean “He’s A Wonderful Man And I Had A Great Time With Him”

The plot thickens… Yesterday we released exclusive evidence that Swizz Beatz has been sexting with another woman while married to Alicia Keys and today we hear that woman’s side of the story.

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September 13th 10:35am

Salma Hayek’s Billionaire Hubby Claims His Love Child With Linda Evangelista Is No Family Secret

Baby Mama Drama has reached diva proportions thanks to this supermodel’s quest to get everything for her son that his half sister has.

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September 13th 10:14am

Poor Thang: Eva “Woman Scorned” Longoria Says She Doesn’t Want To Get Married Again

Poor wittle Eva Longoria and her cougar cakes isn’t sure if she’ll ever jump the broom again:

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