February 10th 10:48am

Hate It Or Love It: Ex-Girlfriend Jeans… For Men???

We complained about men’s skinny jeans… So, of course, somebody had to make that trend ten times worse.

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February 10th 10:13am

This Child-Abusing Heifer Ain’t Sh*t

This is Susan Lee Burke, a first grade teacher out of Maryland with some serious anger issues.

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February 10th 10:07am

Sorry Lil Kim: Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Is #1 On The Billboard Charts

Nicki Minaj’s debut album is making it rain on the Billboard charts: Looks like “Pink Friday” has finally seized the day

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February 10th 9:59am

UPDATE: Political Swirl-Craigslist Cooze-Hound Congressman Christopher Lee’s iCrush Is A Black Woman!!!

Ohhh, so the Congressman likes a lil brown sugar when he’s moonlighting as a single, divorced, 30-something, bachelor…

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February 10th 9:13am

Sorry Little Willow, Jaden Wins This Time

He may not be the one with the hit single, but Little Jaiden is finally getting one up on his baby sister, aka American’s favorite Will & Jada offspring.

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February 10th 9:05am

For The Ladies: Shaunie O’Neal’s Lil Man Tenderoni Shows Off His Ab Game And Gushes On And On About His Cougar Boo

Hey ladies. It’s Thursday and here’s a special treat courtesy of Marlon Yates

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February 10th 8:28am

Cry Me A River: Fans Want $5 Mil For Their Denied Super Bowl Seats

We understand why they’re mad… But these people are O.D.-ing a little.

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February 10th 8:18am

Blind Item: Which R&B Singer is Killing Them Softly…With His Breath?

According to a well-seated source one of America’s favorite soul singers is putting his own brand of stank on the game.

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February 10th 7:45am

What The Hell Was This Dude Thinking???

We didn’t even know this still happens in America…

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February 10th 7:23am

In White Folks News: Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz Headed For Divorce-ski

Another day, another divorce: After nearly three years, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Pete Wentz want out of their marriage.

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February 10th 6:48am

Ballin: Yeezy And Hov Take Over Mercer Hotel Floor To Record New Album “Watch The Throne”

Ye’ and Jay are doing big things for their new joint album:

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February 10th 6:40am

Some Morning Swirl: Kendra & Hubby Hank Are Going To Have Another Baby And Will Be Together Forever

For all you negative Nancys who said their swirl love wouldn’t last: Kendra Wilkinson’s marriage is constantly battered by speculation she and her husband Hank Baskett are about to divorce.

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