July 15th 2:00pm

Some Afternoon Swirl: Halle Berry Is Still Boo’d Up With Her Frenchie Olivier Martinez

Her boyfriend’s back now Halle’s stalker is really in trouble!

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July 15th 2:00pm

The New Work From Home Economy: Will It Save Black America?

The internet’s done a lot to level the playing field but is it enough?

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July 15th 1:49pm

Race Matters: Study Shows Black Men Have A Longer Lifespan Behind Bars Than Out On The Streets

Less drugging, boozing and random drive by shootings. Is prison life actually better for Black men than freedom?

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July 15th 1:44pm

Are Interracial Relationships Still Taboo?? [Video]

Only if it’s with a Becky or a Brad?

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July 15th 12:55pm

Sequels Never Work Out: Bin Laden Was Plotting An Attack On 9/11/11

This clown had all kinds of plots in his secret lair.

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July 15th 12:47pm

A Monster Among Them: Jewish Community Shocked Little Boy Was Butchered By One Of Their Own

Read enough Jesus Take The Wheels and nothing will shock you anymore, but many among the Orthodox Jewish community that sheltered both innocent young Leiby Kletsky and accused murderer Levi Aaron were as upset by the suspect’s identity as the crime itself.

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July 15th 11:53am

#ThankYouBasedGod: “Hoes On My D*ck Cause I Look Like Jesus” And Other Outlandish Statements From Lil B

Lil B The Based God is making moves in Hip-Hop, going from a member of Cali rap group The Pack to a rap standout with acknowledgment from everyone from Lil Wayne and Kanye West.

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July 15th 11:40am

How To Holler

Even some of us social butterflies get choked up when we want to step to a cutie who’s caught our eye.

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July 15th 11:30am

Step Your Game Up: Is Your City One Of The 10 Worst-Dressed Cities In The Country?

The good, cruel folks at GQ came up with a list of the worst-dressed cities in the country

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July 15th 11:17am

Peep This: Camel And Kanye West Release Pictures From Their ‘Watch The Throne’ Studio Sessions [20+ Pics]

The anticipation continues to build more and more for this epic collaborative effort between the two hip-hop titans.

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