June 30th 9:51am

Guess Which Tatted Up Hollyweird Sex Kitten This Precious Lil Babyface Became?

This adorable lil kiddo grew up to be a hot underwear model and big screen star. Can you guess who she is?

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June 30th 9:43am

Who Is Our Attention Whoring Athlete Daddy??

These two little ones call a world class athlete “Daddy”. Unfortunately, lately he’s made headlines for everything but what he does in his arena. Can you guess who he is?

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June 30th 9:39am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Mother Beats Her Baby To Death And Takes Corpse Shopping

Jesus take the wheel, step on the gas and drive this woman to the hotspot!

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June 30th 9:16am

Coupled Up: Kimora Turns The Camera On The Paps While Djimon Looks Like He’s Got Better Ish To Do

One of these people looks thrilled by the attention… the other not so much.

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June 30th 9:07am

TwitPic Of The Day: Bron Bron And Boo Boo Savannah Meet Bono At U2 Concert

LeBron James just retweeted this pic of himself with longtime girl Savannah

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June 30th 8:54am

“F” A Thug!!! Goons Run Through Game’s Video Shoot With Breezy In L.A., Jack A Producer For $12K

There’s always gotta be somebody who thinks taking is better than working.

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June 30th 8:54am

Jada Pinkett-Smith Covers Redbook…Refrains From Freaky Sex With Will Talk, Discusses Putting Family First

Jada Pinkett-Smith has been all over the news lately speaking on how she and her freaky Fresh Prince get down and dirty.

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June 30th 8:31am

Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Another Toddler Is Dead Thanks To Biting And Beating From Mom’s “Babysitter” Boyfriend

This guy truly ain’t ISHT! Three-year-old Ty’Shea Austin is dead after being left in the care of her mother’s live-in thug love Martwane Mackey

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June 30th 8:30am

Hate Crimes: Black HS Wrestler States Teammates Chained Him Up, Bullied Him With Noose, And Called Him A Slave

Regardless of the situation (whether it was hazing or not) this young man’s wrestling teammates were way out of pocket and need to be punished!!

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June 30th 8:29am

Random Ridiculousness: Young Punks Try To Rob And Torch A Worker In NY Subway Booth

All this nonsense thuggery has got to stop. People are really out of control!

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June 30th 8:25am

Back Like She Never Left: Lindsay Blow-han Hits The Streets Of Hollyweird Hours After Being Released From House Arrest!

We get it. You been locked in the crib and you wanna get out, but rushing right to the club just seems…thirsty.

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