July 10th 11:55am

Ladies, Do You Have A Rebound Guy? Here Are The Rules

I must admit I do believe in the old saying “the best way to get over a man is to get another one!”

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July 10th 11:51am

Kush Chronicles: Former Employee Claims Della Reese Is A Weed-Smoking Minister Who Shadily Mismanages Funds

SMH at these folks trying to throw Della Reese under the bus for burning a lil something!!

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July 10th 11:13am

R.I.P.: Disabled Army Veteran Falls To His Death From A Rollercoaster

Can you imagine getting your son back from Iraq after he survived a roadside bomb, only to have him die like this??

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July 10th 10:54am

SMH: Teen Could Lose Sight From $20 Contacts Bought At Beauty Supply Store

A New York teen will need a cornea transplant after a defective pair of colored contacts bought from a beauty supply store

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July 10th 10:49am

Coupled Up: Oprah And Stedman Have A “Platonic Threesome” With Gayle King

Oprah Winfrey and her longtime boo, Stedman Graham, were seen coupled up in Idaho

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July 10th 10:31am

Attention Whores: Chance’s New Video “Anythang” [Video]

Peep Chance’s Music Video “Anythang.”

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July 10th 10:18am

For Discussion: White Folks Have Recovered From Recession, Blacks Still Suffering As Middle Class Declines

The recession has been real for the past few years and unfortunately for people in our community

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July 10th 10:00am

Hines Ward’s Agent Says He Wasn’t Slizzard Friday Night…Bossip Spies Beg To Differ

We reported yesterday that Hines Ward was arrested for DUI, however, one of his reps are stating these allegations are untrue:

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July 10th 9:56am

Baby Mama Drama: Bow Wow Isn’t On His 2-Month-Old Daughter’s Birth Certificate???

You know all that new parent pride and involvement Bow Wow was showing off last week, 8-9 weeks into his daughter’s life? Apparently none of that was there the day she was born. Which was in April, not June.

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