October 26th 10:14am

In White Folks News: Chris Martin Says Wife Gwyneth Paltrow Has Been A “Great Beard” For 10 Years

Jay-z’s BFF Chris Martin who recently called Camel “sweet” is now jokingly saying that his wife Gwyneth Paltrow is his beard:

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October 26th 9:45am

Spotted: Kimmy Cakes Goes For A Mani-Pedi To Get That Toe Jam Out [PICS]

After a hard weekend of doing…absolutely nothing, Kim decides to treat herself to some “me time”

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October 26th 9:44am

Making It Rain On The Living: The Top Earning Dead Celebrities Of 2011 – Number One Is No Surprise But The Rest May Be

When a true icon dies, their icon status is usually all it takes for their families to keep eating.

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October 26th 9:43am

President Barack Obama On Jay Leno: Tells Truth About Kardashians! [Video]

Click Here For The Full Interview With Obama Explaining The Libya Ordeal, Iraq, And A Lot More!

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October 26th 9:34am

R.I.P. Pathologist Declares That Drinking Was Cause Of Amy Winehouse’s Death

Damn damn damn… Who knew after all them drugs Amy Winehouse did that drank would be her demise???

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October 26th 9:09am

Celebrity Seeds: Precious Paris Jackson Puts In Work On The Football Field

MJ’s lil precious princess Paris suited up for her school’s flag football team Tuesday.

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October 26th 8:46am

Time For Some Action: Watch Herman Cain’s Weird Ad With White Guy Smoking Telling You Why You Should Vote For A Brother! [Video]

Herman Cain’s latest ad is causing a lot of buzz because of it’s randomness. It’s a video of his Chief of Staff Mark Block smoking on a cigarette telling you that “Herman Cain will put United back into the United States of America”…and all this other stuff. Watch the video below: Thoughts???

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October 26th 8:29am

Epitome Of A Bad Mother-Ex Wife-Stepdaughter: Woman Murks Two Sons And Other Family Members In An Effort To Get Insurance Money

How in the world did this broad think that she would get away with something like this??? Now her a$$ is being charged with quadruple murder:

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