July 6th 9:40am

Epitome Of A Bad Mother: This Trifling Broad Has Her Four-Year-Old “Helping” Her Reach World’s Fattest Woman Goal

Normally we reserve this title for babykillers and child molestors but we truly believe this monster is doing devastating psychological damage to her toddler

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July 6th 9:38am

Two’s Not Enough: Is Jada Pinkett-Smith Ready For Another Gut Full Of Will??

Jaden and Willow’s momma got a little misty eyed while reminiscing about pregnancy during a recent interview about her show “Hawthorne.”

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July 6th 9:26am

To Catch An Educator: Colossal Cheating Scandal Exposed Within The Atlanta Public School System!

Former Atlanta Public School Superintendent Beverly Hall has a lot of ‘splainin to do…

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July 6th 9:19am

In White Folks News: Lindsay Blohan Covers Italian Vanity Fair…And Actually Looks Good

Lindsay Lohan is on the cover of Italian Vanity Fair looking like she left booze and the rocks

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July 6th 9:04am

Pure Comedy: Soft-As-Charmin Miguel Tries To Bring eBeef To Young Lloyd… Over A _________

This guy right here is the last person we would expect to initiate beef with anybody. About anything.

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July 6th 9:00am

Coon Of The Day: Gucci Mane Released From Prison, Goes Directly To The Strip Club

Gucci Mane was released from prison last night and went straight to the strip club.

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July 6th 8:33am

True Or False: Has Camel Been Creepin’ On BeyBey With A French Model Broad???

Jay-Z was recently the subject of a blind item that may put him in a serious bind with his wife.

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July 6th 8:29am

Race Matters: 18 Year-Old Black Teenager Faces 8 Years In Prison For High School Prank In Indiana

Soooo Casey Anthony is “not-guilty”, but this kid is facing 8 years?!?

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July 6th 8:24am

SMH: Casey Anthony’s Parents Believe The Jury Made A “Fair Decision” Despite The Baseless Defense

Wait a minute…these are the same people who did NOT believe that Casey Anthony was innocent, and now they are “okay” with the outcome of this trial???

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July 6th 8:12am

Stepmommy Khloe And Daddy Lamar Odom Kardashian Take Rob, Kendall, Kylie And Lammy’s Kids For Some Family Fun

Stepmommy Khloe and Big Daddy Lamar are definitely making the most of their time with Lammy’s kids.

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