February 8th 9:22am

Is It Just Us… Or Is E-V-E Looking A Little Off These Days??

Eve was spotted at the after party for the Cinema Society’s Screening Of “Vanishing On 7th Street” with Uncle BDR last night.

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February 8th 9:02am

SMH: Man In Critical Condition After Being Shot In The Parking Lot Of Bishop Eddie Long Stroke’s Church

What in the world is going on at Long Strokey-Doke’s church: Authorities say a man is in critical condition after he was shot in the parking lot of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

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February 8th 8:54am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Texas Teens Shot To Death While Shopping At A Car Lot In Mexico

So sad: Three teenage boys were shot to death in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez

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February 8th 8:53am

Thigh High’s Ain’t For Everybody But Miss Laurence Rocks Them Like They Were Made For Him

Miss Laurence, who so kindly took the focus off the Kim Zolciak’s three second “sanging” career, performed at the Museumbar in a pair of brown thigh high red bottoms

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February 8th 8:40am

Guess Who’s Getting Chopped Down By Wine-Ho’s Sloppy Seconds

One of these fast-a$$ Disney girls has decided to start playing pokey-stroke with this guy right here

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February 8th 8:23am

Do You Think You’re Funnier Than Us?

You’re not… but since some of you always have slick ish to say in the comments section, we’re willing to give you the chance to prove otherwise. Bossip is looking for new writers to help spread our message of hate joy to the world. If you think you have what it takes, pop the hood…

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February 8th 8:06am

Who’s My Daddy???

This 12 year old kid was hanging with his father during Super Bowl Weekend in Dallas, TX. He doesn’t really look anything like his father except for the glasses. Here’s a Hint… His TV show has had top ratings since 2002!

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February 8th 7:54am

President’s Office Puts GOP Governors On Blast For Criticizing The Health Care Bill But Still Accepting Bread To Implement It

According to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, a lot of the Republican Governors backing up lawsuits against President Obama’s Health Care bill are still taking funds to make it happen in their states.

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February 8th 7:24am

What The Hell?? Mother Who Posted Pic Of Her Son Cross-Dressed As Daphne From Scooby-Boo Expelled From Church

Church members are worried that she is promoting gayness: A mother whose image of her son dressed as Daphne from Scooby Doo went viral across the internet has been threatened with expulsion from her church.

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February 8th 7:03am

Halle Berry: “I’m Black, So I Consider Nahla To Be Black”

Halle Berry believes in the “one-drop” theory: Halle Berry has said she considers her daughter Nahla, who is at the centre of a bitter custody battle, to be ‘black’.

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February 8th 6:22am

Janet Jackson Speaks On Struggles With Appearance And Relationship With Father Joe Jackson: “I Felt Very Unattractive”

Wow and this is coming from one of the most beautiful women in the industry pre and post plastic surgery:

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