July 12th 1:42pm

Do You Live In One Of The Ten Fattest States In America??

Yesterday, we brought you the 10 States (and D.C.) with the lowest percentage of obese adults in the country.

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July 12th 1:07pm

For Discussion: Lil Wayne’s Carter IV Is Finally Done…Are You Excited About It?

After push backs and delays, it looks like Lil Wayne’s latest albums is ready for world consumption…but we’re not sure if you even still care.

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July 12th 1:04pm

Double The Matrimony-dom Bliss: Sam Jackson And Magic Johnson Take Their Wives On A Romantic Vacay To Italy

Magic Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson are balling out in Italy with their wives and another old head couple right now.

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July 12th 12:50pm

The Baseball Women’s All Star Team: Baseball’s Hottest Girlfriends And Wives

While the MLB All-Star game takes place tonight live from Phoenix, Arizona, our allstar team will be watching from the audience or home cheering on their spouses.

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July 12th 12:41pm

Sh*t Is Real In Newark: 13 Shot, 1 Dead Including A 15 Year-Old

Someone must have been shooting one helluva gun…

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July 12th 12:40pm

Certified Links

Elsewhere On The Web…

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July 12th 11:15am

Exclusive: We Catch Up With Your 90s Crush Christopher Williams

“Don’t wake me, I’m dreamiiiiiiin!” If you have not screamed that line in a car at the top of your lungs with your girls, you have not lived.

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July 12th 11:00am

Q and A: Arielle Scott, The Force Behind GenJuice

This millennial is busy making the future. Find out how she built her 2.0 company.

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July 12th 10:35am

Stand By Your Man: Justin Bieber Speaks On Yeezy, “He’s Not Really An A*shole”

Kanye West has rubbed a lot of folks the wrong way — most notably George W. Bush and Taylor Swift — but he at least has an ally in young Justin Bieber

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