October 17th 11:13am

End Of Days: Coffee, Chocolate, Peanut Butter And Wine Now Considered “Endangered”??

This cannot be the world we plan on leaving our children.

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October 17th 10:50am

Illuminati Files: Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, Russell Simmons, Celebrate 25 Years Of Def Jam Records

Def Jam celebrated their 25th anniversary Friday night with a star studded event featuring some the label’s most recognizable faces.

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October 17th 10:14am

In Case You Missed It!: Drake’s Best Performance Ever On SNL… Nicki’s Cakes Just Does Something To Him! [Video]

Drake took the stage with Nicki Minaj to perform his new single “Make Me Proud”.

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October 17th 10:03am

Seen On The Scene: Mommy Banger Nicole Murphy And Her Precious Girls Hit The Pumpkin Patch

Eddie Murphy’s hot ex-wife Nicole Murphy was spotted making Autumn look real good this weekend

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October 17th 10:00am

76-Year Old Granny Does Percolator At Breast Cancer Walk [Video]

This video we took from the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk in Newark, Nj this Sunday shows us what we can do as elders. Check out the grandmother who does the Percolater at the end.

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October 17th 9:47am

Who Looked More Bangin??? Black Girls Rock! Long White Gown Edition

LaLa Vazquez and Tracee Ellis Ross hit up the Black Girls Rock!

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October 17th 9:12am

*Exclusive* Beef In Maybach-Maybach Music: Watch Wale Interrupt Meek Mill’s Interview Several Times [Video]

During an interview with us on the BET Hip Hop Awards Red Carpet, Meek Mill was rudely interrupted by funny style Wale.

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October 17th 9:10am

Jimmy Iovine Has A Message For All You Rappers With Headphones: Dr. Dre Already Did It! You Can Try…

Beats by Dre has been dominating the game since it stepped on the scene in 2008.

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October 17th 9:03am

How’d That Get To Sesame Street??? Hackers Post Freaky Content On Kiddie Show YouTube Account

And we thought it couldn’t get dirtier than “Tickle Me” Elmo and his lil “spasms”

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October 17th 8:50am

Meagan Good Talks That Celibacy Yang, Says She’s Too Busy Being Married To Jesus To Worry About These Dudes

Sorry fellas: Meagan Good has no interest in your package unless you’re ready to put a ring on it.

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October 17th 8:43am

Dear Bossip: There’s A Guy On My College Campus I’m Interested In, But We Haven’t Met Yet

Hey Bossip, First off, I would like to say I love the site. I check it multiple times a day. My day is not complete without my Bossip fix. LOL.

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