August 5th 12:13pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture??

At first glance you might think that this is an innocent pictures of celebrities that support our POTUS…

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August 5th 11:29am

Just Can’t Get Right: Ex-NBA Baller Darius Miles Arrested In St. Louis For Trying To Bring A Loaded Gun On An Airplane!

Newsflash: It is illegal to bring weapons onto airplanes. We’re just sayin’…

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August 5th 11:14am

Random Ridiculousness: Folks Are Rockin Diamond Encrusted Contact Lenses Now And Paying $15,000 For Them

Iced out eyeballs?? Word??? Is it really that serious…especially with this whole “Debt Ceiling Crisis” we have going on?!?!?!?!

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August 5th 10:49am

7 Black Online Fashion Entrepreneurs to Watch

Fashion lovers now flock to the web to conveniently shop for unique accessories, home decor items and clothing – and black sartorial entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this trend.

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August 5th 10:24am

8 Things You Should Do Before You Have Kids

Becoming a mother is a beautiful experience, and there is no love like the love a mother has for her children. But

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August 5th 9:39am

Who Is My Mommy???

This young lady was spotted spending some quality time with momdukes recently…

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August 5th 9:34am

Royce Reed Gives Details On STD’s & Recycling Men [Video]

Royce Reed of Basketball Wives sits down with to discuss her sex life. Royce says she’s into recycling her partners, getting tested before sleeping with a man, and will bring out the ‘sheets’ to prove everything!

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August 5th 9:33am

Congratulations?? San Francisco 49ers Settle For Braylon Edwards Since OchoCinco And Plaxico Were Already Taken

Looks like doing hoodrat stuff with his cousins won’t be stopping Braylon Edwards from bringing those checks in this football season after all.

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