October 9th 2:07pm

Six Things You May Have Done That You Will Regret

In life we’re expected to live and learn. You can’t grow if you don’t make mistakes.

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October 9th 2:01pm

The Rap Career Is Probably A Wrap: 50 Cent Signs Up For New Movie And Starts Planning His Next Two

Welp. Looks like Bugsy is finally accepting that his rap career will never make it back to what it was in 2008.

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October 9th 1:12pm

Would You Pay $39,000 For This Bookbag???

This is an alligator backpack, created by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen‘s fashion line “The Row.”

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October 9th 1:01pm

Making It Rain On Them Singing Hoes: Rihanna Does Something No Other Female Singer Has Ever Done As Fast

Depending on how you look at it, this could mean that Rihanna is the best singer in the history of popular music.

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October 9th 12:44pm

Who Did Finally Perform At That Michael Jackson Tribute Concert In London?? [40+ Photos]

Despite all of the news about people declining Ms. Katherine’s invitation or pulling out of the “Michael Jackson Forever” Tribute Concert, it did actually pull a couple of legitimate stars in the end.

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October 9th 12:41pm

Prince, Paris, Blanket, And Beyonce’s ‘Michael Jackson Forever’ Tribute Concert Performance [Video]

The Michael Jackson Tribute concert just took off… and we could not help but notice how miserable little Blanket looks on the stage. Pop the top to see Michael’s kids introduce afro wearing Beyonce

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October 9th 11:53am

In “No Isht Sherlock” News: Study Shows That Women Don’t Care About The Size Of The Man, Just How Many Racks And Stacks They Are Holding

According to a new study, fat people have to be more educated and make more scrilla to be able to compete in the dating game these days:

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