September 14th 5:54pm

For The 80s Babies: The Original “GhostBusters” Will Be Back In Theaters Next Month!!!

Finally! Someone has figured out that we can introduce a new generation to 80s classics without the unnecessary remakes!

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September 14th 5:42pm

Win $100 Giftcard from

Our friends over at Karmaloop have offered to give $100 Gift Cards away to 2 lucky Bossip readers! You can use your $100 gift card towards any purchase.  Choose from some of the hottest brands out like Betsey Johnson, Converse, Beats by Dre,  Jeffrey Campbell, LRG and much more.

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September 14th 5:36pm

Trust Me: 7 Awful Things You Don’t Want to Experience at the Club

It’s the freakin’ weekend! Well, it’s not yet, but I’m just setting a scene, so bear with me.

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September 14th 5:28pm

Trending Topics: #DrakeCriesWhen Brings Out Twitter’s Best Amateur Comics

Twitter had the slander on a thousand for Drake and his pastel raps today!

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September 14th 5:22pm

Fill In The Blank: Ari’s Jawn From “Entourage” Has A Nice ________ For A 40-Year-Old White Lady

Besides the “True Blood” finale this Sunday, one of the highlights of the night was the end of the “Entourage” finale when Ari’s wife is flossing her lil cakes in a brightly colored cutout swimsuit.

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September 14th 4:41pm

So Much For A Life Of Crime: The Gumby Bandit Turns Himself In

Remember the guy that dressed up like Gumby and robbed a 7-11? Well, it looks like his career as a super criminal was quite short-lived.

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September 14th 4:33pm

Congratulations: Fantasia’s “Gut Full Of Antwaun Cook” Is A Boy!!

Congratulations are in order for Fanny and ‘Twaun:

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September 14th 4:17pm

Put It On Me: Celebrity Tattoos Dedicated To Their Favorite People, Places, Or Things

Peep some of your favorite celebs with their ink swag on a thousand-trillion

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September 14th 4:14pm

Former NBA Player Accuses Atlanta Restaurant of Racism, But is It?

How, in this day and age, does a restaurant expect NOT to get sued for forcing customers to give up their seats “out of courtesy” for the ladies??

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September 14th 3:55pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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September 14th 3:12pm

At Least There’s Football…The NBA Season Definitely Won’t Start On Time

After just the second meeting of the offseason, the NBA players and owners had a meeting that seemed to go nowhere. Yikes.

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