June 15th 5:48pm

Eff The Recession: Study Shows That 38% Of African-Americans Lost Their Jobs Over The Last Three Years

If you don’t think the recession is affecting Blacks more than anyone else, check again.

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June 15th 5:11pm

For The Ladies: How to Win an Argument with a Guy

Man, I hate arguing with my girl. The sh*t drives me up the wall.

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June 15th 5:09pm

Weighting To Exhale: Stars Who Have Sized Down, Sized Up, And Maybe Sized Back Down Again…Part 2 [PICS]

There are times in all of our lives that we have probably been not-so-nice to our bodies…

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June 15th 4:59pm

He’s Still Got The Juice: A History Of Ladies Romantically Linked To 50 Cent

While 50′s been spotted in Aruba rocking an…uhhh…interesting new do’, the rapper’s been linked to his share of Hollywood starlets.

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June 15th 4:49pm

Some Humpday Swirl: Garcelle Beauvais Spotted On Dinner Date With Sean Penn

Looks like recently divorced Garcelle Beauvais and Sean “I just dumped Scarlett Johansson” Penn are getting it in with each other!!

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June 15th 4:12pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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June 15th 2:00pm

The Not So Popular Criticism Of The Let’s Move Campaign

Is Michelle Obama’s campaign contributing to bullying?

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June 15th 1:52pm

Coupled Up: Basketball Wives’ “Actual Wife” Meeka Claxton And Husband Speedy Seen On The Scene In NYC

Meeka Claxton, along with hubby Speedy, hit up the Rue New York City event last night.

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June 15th 1:01pm

Certified Links

Elsewhere On The Web …

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