June 9th 9:04am

Matrimony-dom: This Lady Is Proof There Is Somebody For Everybody… World’s Most Pierced Woman Gets Hitched!

She’s a very freaky girl… the kind you well, we guess he did take her home to mother.

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June 9th 8:57am

Bret Lockett Says “Kim Can Deny This All She Wants To,” He’s More Than Ready To Put Dirty Sexting Cheatery On Full Blast

The man claiming to be Kimmy Cakes’ footballing side-boo is sticking to his story, despite her threats of a lawsuit.

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June 9th 8:37am

Spotted: Hovi Hov Back On The Scene With His Fresh One Blade Now That His Next Album Is Done

How do you know when Jay-Z is done recording a project? He makes up with his barber!

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June 9th 8:26am

In White Folks News: Sean “Don’t Get It Twisted” Penn Reveals Why He Broke Up With Scar “Soft And Tasty Loins” Johansson

Just when you thought that Scarlett Johansson was the one ending her love affair with a “mature man”, Sean Penn steps in and sets the record straight!!!

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June 9th 7:14am

Bolitics: President Obama Says ‘Don’t Panic’ About The Economy

Amidst job growth moving at a snail’s pace, insane gas prices

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June 8th 5:59pm

Choke Artists: When Stars Come Up Short And Disappoint When The Pressure Is On

Showing up on the big stage is tough for stars to do day in and day night.

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June 8th 5:40pm

Question Of The Day: Would Being A Bachelorette Forever Really Be So Bad

My mother asked me the other day when I plan to get married.

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June 8th 5:06pm

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Joran van der Sloot Was Whoring Himself Out Literally “On The Streets”

According to sources, Dutch stone-cold-killer Joran van der Sloot was out male prostituting:

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June 8th 4:59pm

Happy 34th B-Day Kanye: 10 Things He Might Be Wishing For

Kanye West turns 34 today and we’re almost certain the G.O.O.D. music head is somewhere doing what he does best, living the good life.

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