December 25th 2:15am

NeNe Leakes Husband Geritol Greg Speaks: Me And Nene Are In A Real Battle, Whether We Stay Together Or Not Is Totally Irrevelant

Nene Leakes might need to buy her husband Geritol Greg a muzzle for Christmas or just get a divorce. In a recent interview with 92Q Jams in DMV, Greg spoke on exactly where his marriage to Nene stands. These two put enough of their private business on Bravo for the world to comment on, now…

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December 24th 5:05pm

In White Folks With Black In-Laws News: Kourtney’s STD Is Still Around

Here’s Kourtney K doing some last minute Christmas shopping with her baby daddy. Every time she tries to leave, Scott’s D. keeps pulling her back.

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December 24th 3:29pm

Poor Billy Ray!!! Miley Cyrus’ Half-Nekkid Ho Cakes Are On The Internet Again

Apparently, this is how Miley Cyrus and her “Makeup Artist” get down.

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December 24th 2:11pm

Awww! Look At Lil Mama Looking Grown!!!

Don’t worry, she was actually SUPPOSED to be on the stage this time.

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December 24th 10:10am

The Top 10 Colleges for Minorities in Science, Tech, Engineering and Math

Producing more graduates with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) degrees is crucial to keeping our country competitive globally.

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December 24th 8:20am

Does Threatening Bad Azz Kids With The Absence Of Santa Clause Keep Them In Check??

Kids have so much access to the internet, TV, and other information that it seems hard to keep anything a secret anymore.

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December 24th 7:34am

Brandy’s 8-Year-Old’s Christmas List: Blackberry Or iPhone 4… Kids Don’t Want Toys And Bikes Anymore???

Brandy’s daughter is 8-years-old and Santa Claus is non-existiant but that hasn’t stopped her seed from creating a Christmas list. In a recent interview, Brandy speaks on her child asking for a Blackberry or an iPhone 4 for Christmas. Growing up in an age where parents can’t seem to put their Blackberrys and iPhones down…

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December 24th 6:58am

Rick Ross New Jawn “RetroSuperFuture”… No More Raps About Pushin’ Weight, It’s About Pushin’ Chickens & Paper Plates

Rick Ross has laid out the blueprints of how he will spend the rest of his rap career in new jawn “Retrosuperfutre” and they are as follows: spitting lyrics about riding in fancy cars, recliner chairs, treating chicks like drive-bys, feeding his gut and the most productive thing he could ever do to make himself…

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December 24th 3:37am

Rihanna’s Red Wig Kicks Back And Lets The Naps Breathe While She Parties It Up With BFF Melissa Forde

Rihanna is making the most of her Christmas vacation in Barbados, she hooked up with her BFF, Melissa Forde, and these two decided to hit do it like old times. While enjoying her down time and partying with friends, a couple of snap shots were taken of Rihanna’s wig pushing back like Al Gore’s hairline!!

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December 24th 2:46am

Caption This: Chris Brown Wants ___________ For Christmas

Chris Brown is done with his community service and looks like he’s ready for some action. The other night at the Knick’s game, Chris appeared to be enjoying himself as the dancers got it in on the court… What do you think was going through his mind at that very moment???

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December 23rd 6:14pm

Sigh. Cassie Hasn’t Given Up On Her Dreams Of Being An R&B Chick Either

Diddy said: “B*tch you gotta MAKE me money, to get MY money.” Then he made her a track.

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December 23rd 6:00pm

Rih Rih’s Ratted Red Wig And Cheap Pink Cap Are In Barbados

Poor thang! Why didn’t anyone let poor Uncle Rupert know him nah fi look pon da photographers like so?

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December 23rd 5:14pm

Renowned And Respected Doctor Is Seen Punching A 14-Year-Old At Ski Resort

It’s perfectly understandable that one would want to protect his or her children, but you can’t spazz out and beat up teenage girls when you’re a grown a$$ man Three witnesses told deputies they observed a renowned malaria specialist punch a 14-year-old girl between two and four times last Friday while skiing at Colorado’s Beaver…

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December 23rd 4:59pm

What To Wear Spring 2011

Right now, with three inches of snow on the ground it may seem like springtime is eons away.

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December 23rd 4:10pm

Exclusive: Keyshia Cole Talks Never Cheating On Her Fiancé, Giving Back For The Holidays With Her Baby [Video]

With Keyshia Cole’s Calling All Hearts album now in stores, the singer is reflecting on her new careers outside of music—her role as a new mother and soon to be wife of Daniel ” Boobie” Gibson. During an intimate sit-down with the R&B songstress, Cole revealed… Read More At

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