September 23rd 7:23pm

Morgan Freeman On CNN Piers Morgan: President Obama Being In Office May Have Made Racism Worse [Video]

Morgan Freeman stopped by CNN to chop it up with Piers Morgan. Freeman shared his political thoughts

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September 23rd 5:09pm

Deep & Sultry Eyes: Our 10 Favorite Stars with the Most Seductive Gaze

We have something special in store for you on this rainy afternoon.

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September 23rd 5:00pm

Suspect Pretend Matrimony-Dom: Gloria Govan Talks About How Much Matt Barnes Loves Her, But…

Thanks to some incredibly gifted, and we’re sure very persistent, publicist, someone thought asking Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes about their love life as parents would be interesting.

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September 23rd 4:59pm

I’m On 1: 10 Of The Most Polarizing Rappers In The Game

The most loved artists in the rap game are often also the most hated.

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September 23rd 4:58pm

Who’s The Greatest? Which Of These Female Vocalists Would You Crown Queen Part 2!

In light of the popularity of yesterday’s post we put together a part 2 for you guys to decide who is microphone royalty.

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September 23rd 4:38pm

Is Society Suitably Preparing Black And Hispanic Students To Be STEM Innovators?

When it comes to education, students in the African-American and Hispanic communities are the least likely to examine the rewards that a science, technology, engineering and math (“STEM”) degree can provide.

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September 23rd 4:31pm

Bristol Palin Asks Heckler “Is It Because You’re A Homosexual?” For Calling Her Mommy An Evil Whore

Gay men of West Hollyweird, y’all don’t want it with Bristol Palin!

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September 23rd 4:16pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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September 23rd 4:14pm

Separated At Birth: NY Jets Plaxico Burress Has A Twin!

They say everyone has a twin somewhere in this world and we found NY Jets Plaxico Burress double up!

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September 23rd 3:22pm

For The Stans: Beyonce And Her Disappearing Hump-ful Of Camel Make Another NYC Appearance

Here’s Beyonce in New York, still promo-hoeing for that new fragrance of hers. But where’s the baby bump? Where did she go?

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September 23rd 3:18pm

Stop Us If You Heard This Before: Michele Bachmann Said Something Really Stupid Again

Have you heard the stupidity she uttered at the Republican debate last night?

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