October 5th 12:37pm

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Ne-Yo In Paris – The Photo Diary

In case you missed it, Ne-Yo wanted you to know that he had a FAHbulousssss time in Paris with all his frienzzzz, hunny.

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October 5th 12:35pm

The Entrepreneur Behind Dangerous Negro

He makes a living by not only designing apparel that promotes black pride but also re-investing in the Black community. Find out how he did it!

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October 5th 12:28pm

Can’t Get Over Youuuuuuu! These Stars Went Sorta Crazy After Their Break-Ups

You know what people love to see? Break-ups. However, it’s just ugly to see when people can’t handle them.

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October 5th 12:25pm

First Look: Mary J. Blige’s Album Cover Shows She’s Still Got It

Here are the visuals for the Queen of R&B’s newest album.

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October 5th 12:16pm

Walk This Way: Beautiful Ladies With Legs That Make All The Dopeboys Go Craaaazy!!

Although the summer is coming to an abrupt close, let’s all take a moment to admire what the warm weather did for these banger’s wardrobe.

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October 5th 12:08pm

Shots Fired: Rick Ross Talks About Young Jeezy’s “Feminine Ways”

Looks like this beef is going to be cranking up another notch in the near future.

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October 5th 11:50am

Seeing Red: Our Favorite Rap Redheads

Red is the color of heat, fire and passion, it also just happens to be one of our favorite colors on rappers.

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October 5th 11:39am

Bossip #Twitterview: Ester Dean Talks Music, Working With RihRih And Her Latest Movie Pitch Perfect!

Check Out BOSSIP’S Exclusive Twitterview With Pitch Perfect Star Ester Dean Earlier this week we got a chance to do an exclusive “Twitterview” with the popular and talented Ester Dean, one of the stars in the new film Pitch Perfect. The multifaceted artist answered questions about acting, songwriting, and what we can expect from the…

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October 5th 11:34am

8 Men Who Make Androgynous Work

Are these men still sexy to you?

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October 5th 10:36am

In Shocking White Folks News: Kat Von D Confirms That Dirty Dog Jesse James Cheated On Her Too

Poor Kat! There’s no way in hell she could have seen this coming.

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