October 27th 5:01pm

Everything’s Purple: 10 Rappers That Love Promethesizine

While that purple drank may of messed up NFL’s Jamarcus Russell’s careers, many of your favorite rappers drink it like it’s water.

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October 27th 4:40pm

Black On Black Bolitics: Herman Cain Says He Doesn’t Need To Know Foreign Policy Details To Know That Obama Has Failed

Herman Cain is running his mouth again and this time it’s regarding the foreign policy:

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October 27th 4:27pm

Blind Item: Latin Actor Who Cheats On His Pregnant Wife

This guy right here is one dirty dog!!!

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October 27th 3:54pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture??

Here is a picture frame that was seen on the shelves at Target.

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October 27th 3:53pm

To Whom Do These Coupled Up Cakes Belong???

Can you guess which struggling singer was spotted strolling Beverly Hills hand-in-hand with her newlywed hubby? Here’s a hint, she’s half Asian and her cakes are almost as flat as her career.

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October 27th 3:41pm

Poor Thang: Allen “I Blame My Divorce And Sick Kid For My Actions” Iverson Is Desperate To Get Back Into Basketball…”I’ll Play For Anybody”

Poor lil AI…he needs to come to grips with reality. But we’ll let him think that he could possibly get picked up by an NBA team in the near future:

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October 27th 3:24pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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October 27th 3:15pm

Hi Hater: 50 Cent Says He Thinks Lil Wayne Is Lying About His Album Sales

50 Cent is back to his hater ways, this time throwing shots at Lil Wayne…again. SMH.

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October 27th 3:15pm

Must Be Nice: Check Out The Two Cribs Paid For With All That “Ed Hardy” Money You Spent

One house sits on 3.15 acres and features four separate guest houses. The other is a seven bedroom/seven bath mansion that comes equipped with a Rolls Royce Phantom 5.

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October 27th 2:49pm

Rebound Time: Which Rapper Did Nicole Scherzinger Allegedly Go Out On A Date With Last Night?

Now that Nicole Scherzinger is single, she’s really looking to “take care” of herself.

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