July 14th 2:00pm

Top Entertainment Attorney Shares Advice on Building and Sustaining Wealth

He’s worked with the cream of the Hollywood crop. Here, he shares his “Seven Streams of Income” philosophy and how he approaches money making for his top clients.

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July 14th 1:09pm

Who Is My NBA Daddy?

Can you guess which NBA legendary baby-making machines is the father of this budding ball player?

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July 14th 12:31pm

Race Matters: They Only Found Four Black Actors Deserving Of Emmy Nominations This Year??

The 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards nominations were announced this morning. And we’re a little disappointed.

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July 14th 11:49am

Dear Bossip: My Girlfriend Can’t Accept My Brother’s Sexuality

Dear Bossip, I don’t see too many men write to you, so hopefully I might be the start of something new. But, anyways, I’m kind of in an odd situation between my brother and my girlfriend.

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July 14th 11:31am

How To Handle Multiple Dating Partners

Many people who have been in relationships can agree that they are complex.

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July 14th 11:29am

True ‘Bang’ers: Celebrities Who Look Best With Bangs

Many people wear bangs for many different reasons.

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July 14th 11:00am

8 Political Myths About Blacks That You Shouldn’t Believe

Folks on both sides of the aisle get things wrong.

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July 14th 10:44am

Caption This: Romeo Has A Private Moment On The Streets Of L.A.

Here’s not-so-Lil Romeo having a moment as he left the Cheesecake Factory

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July 14th 10:08am

In White Folks With Black Babies News: The Brangelina Wedding Talk Heats Up Again

At this point, we all know that a Brad and Angelina wedding would just be for show. They have 6 kids: ain’t nobody going nowhere.

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July 14th 9:55am

Epitome Of A Bad Father: Three-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Herself While Dad Left Her Home Alone To Go See Girlfriend

This is so sad: St. Louis police said three-year-old Lilianna Moore was home alone when she accidentally shot herself in the head.

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July 14th 9:49am

Making It Rain On Them Haters: Low Sales Or Not, Bey Bey’s “4” Is Number One On The Charts For A Second Week In A Row

Say what you will about Beyonce‘s latest “effort,” but you can’t knock the timing of the release.

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July 14th 9:41am

Does Tyrese And Rev Run’s “Manology” Book Promote Baby Mama Bashing?

Tyrese is putting his “prolific literary mind” to work by collaborating with Rev. Run on a new book called “Manology”

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