October 26th 1:20pm

Eff A Thug: Jim Jones Says He Survived A Botched Robbery Last Night

Looks like some thugs were trying to rain on Jim Jones ballin lifestyle. Let’s keep the peace!

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October 26th 12:12pm

7 Things That Should Never Happen On A First Date

Red flags that he’s not going to work out past the first meeting.

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October 26th 12:09pm

Certified Links

Elsewhere on the web…

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October 26th 12:04pm

Body Envy: You Won’t Believe Which Celebrity Body Women Would Most Rather Have (Hint: NOT Halle Berry)

Women voted on the top five hottest bodies they’d rather have and the results are shocking!

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October 26th 11:49am

Scandalous Hoes: California Woman Sets Up An Elaborate Scheme To Have Her “Boyfriend” Robbed!!

Keep one eye on yo’ riches and the other on these beyitches…

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October 26th 11:45am

Hilarity: Guys Caught On Camera Staring At Those Cakes!!!

Guys stare. It’s a known fact. Whether it’s boobies or cakes, guys are going to use their wandering eyes to sneak peaks as often as possible without getting caught.

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October 26th 11:21am

Product Placement: 10 Rappers And The Products They Should Endorse

When you are a rap artist, staying visible is crucial.

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October 26th 10:50am

Who Looked More Bangin': The Angry Birds Of L.A. Edition

Here are ex-basketball fiancees Imani Showalter and Gloria Govan with their “hot single mommy swag” on full blast at AKOO’s L.A. celebration of T.I.’s “Power and Beauty” book.

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October 26th 10:34am

It’s A Wrap For Slimmy Trimmy J-Hud And Her Wrasslin’ Baby Daddy Punk

It’s looking like Jennifer Hudson has lost some more dead weight…

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