October 20th 4:56pm

Hi Hater: Al Sharpton Says People That Don’t Like Tyler Perry Are “Proper Negroes”

“Permed Up” Al Sharpton is at it again, talking that yang. This time, it’s about people that aren’t Tyler Perry fans.

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October 20th 4:38pm

Making It Rain On The Hoes: The Top 10 Black Entrepreneurs

Inc. magazine has taken the time out to list the top 10 black entrepreneurs in the country.

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October 20th 3:59pm

Herman Cain Thinks Being Gay Is A Choice… And Here’s Why! [Video]

Maybe this guy isn’t so bad after all… Just Kidding.

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October 20th 3:44pm

Get Your Life Together: Lindsay Lohan Had ONE THING To Do To Stay Out Of Jail After Posting Bail Yesterday…

After having her probation revoked yesterday, Lindsay Lohan spent one hour in jail.

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October 20th 3:40pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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October 20th 3:05pm

Love Me Some S/Him: Celebrity Close Encounters Of The Trans-Kind

Sometimes it’s dark, it gets late, and you can’t spot an adam’s apple the way you would during daylight hours.

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