October 21st 9:45am

That Ish Cray! Tennessee Man Popped For Getting Frisky With A Husky

Okay so it was a German Shepherd… but eff a thug for reals!

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October 21st 9:42am

Hot Mess Is Kicked Out Of Court For This Dress And Stilo!

Olivia Walker is having a hard time trying to squeeze into court:

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October 21st 9:40am

Elsewhere In The World: Hillary Clinton Makes Fun Of Herman “iHeart Pizza” Cain While In Afghanistan

SMH at Hillary talking that yang about everyone’s favorite “Black GOPer”…

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October 21st 9:24am

The Cuffing Season Commandments

Here are some rules to help you enjoy cuffing season without getting scorned in the process by thinking you’ve hit the jackpot with Mr. Cuffington when in reality you’ve just found a place warmer for the colder months.

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October 21st 9:12am

Some Breakfast Sausage: Michael Jordan, Nas, Common & Carmelo Anthony

Ladies… We got some lovely morning man-meat for your eyes to feast on!

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October 21st 8:59am

RihRih In Paris: Lil Miss Slutshine Gets Some New Get Ups For Her Loud Tour (Photos)

Here is Rihanna performing for a crowd in Paris last night and it looks like she’s added a few new freaky fits to her concert wardrobe.

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October 21st 8:00am

And The Church Say Amen…Again! Straight Stuntin’ 19 Has A Preview, Too!

It’s been a while since we showed you the loves cakes that Straight Stuntin’ had to offer. But it’s time to revisit the thickness.

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October 21st 7:43am

Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Blo-Han’s Mom Throws Her Meal Ticket Under The Bus In New Book!

Dina Lohan is trying to cash in on her yayo snortin’ baby girl yet again… This time by penning a book about her addiction to drugs and alcohol.

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